7 Artistry Bedroom Wall Mirror Ideas


Adding a mirror in your bedroom will brighten up your room and make it look larger. Mirrors are not used for grooming only they are more used as a decorative element for living spaces. Whether you want to decorate your home or you are renovating your home, using mirrors as decorative purposes will give your home a new look along with adding liveliness to your bedroom.

There are many modern and creative mirrors are available in the market to suit best according to your space and furniture. It is not limited to use only a single mirror for decorating purposes, you can group a few small mirrors to give a more vibrant look to your room. You can opt for different shapes with or without frames. These will bring a modern twist to your bedroom. It’s important to use mirrors the right way otherwise it will give negative vibes to your bedroom. Let’s have a look at tips to decorate your home creatively with mirrors.

1. Standing Mirrors


Adding tall standing mirrors near your window will make your room look larger and brighter. It will reflect the natural light coming from the window back to your room. It brings light in making the room more spacious. Tall mirrors add more volume and dimension as well to the room.

2. Wardrobe Mirrors


A wardrobe door with a full-sized mirror is best for your bedroom. It will serve both purposes of storing your outfits and to get dressed in front of it. You can place your wardrobe in front of the window which will let natural light enter your bedroom and make it bigger.

3. Freestanding Floor Mirrors


The major benefit of placing a freestanding mirror in your bedroom is that they are mobile. You can change its position anytime as they are not fixed. No need of making holes in the wall to hang a mirror, just put and place where you feel best to get the perfect light. You can try placing an oversized floor mirror on carpets or mats or with some tall lamp or plant to give a more creative look to your bedroom.

4. Mirror Headboard


A Bed is the central point of your bedroom. Using mirrors on the wall will make it look graceful and eye catchy. You can simply put a black framed large mirror as a headboard for an elegant look.

If you want it to look more stylish try a bunch of small mirrors, if you love traditional look then you must try mirrors with colorful wooden frames. For vintage looks, place oversized tall mirrors on your headboard and pair it up with nice lamps. Placing a shabby mirror headboard with some storage space will make your bedroom look more stylish.

5. Decorative Mirrors


Mirrors are a great decorative element to your bedroom. They are the designer’s favorite to add to your modern bedroom interior design. Assemble multiple mirrors in different shapes and sizes. You can place them close to each other making a cluster or can place around your photographs or paintings in your bedroom. Make your bedroom more beautiful by installing hanging pendant mirrors on the wall.

6. Wall Mirror


Placing a mirror on a complete wall of your bedroom is the perfect way of making your room look more luxurious and graceful. Wall mirror for bedroom will highlight your bedroom and no doubt it will reflect more light while making it lighter and brighter. Use good lighting and mix match mirrored wall with wooden or marble floor to complete the look.

7. Creative Mirrors


If you do not have any specific theme or criteria for decorating your bedroom with mirrors, just pick some nice and creative mirror design for your bedroom. They are great to add a style element to your room. Forget about the normal round or rectangular shaped mirrors; get your hands on intricate shape with good frame design.

Author – Ana Gorden


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