Top 10 famous Art museums around the World


Film or Cinema is one of the youngest form of the art. Still, it has captured the mind and soul of the audience more than any other form of art. If we talk in terms of Indian Cinema, then it is the “Betaaj Baadshah” in the world of entertainment. Films can be termed as the ‘digital form of drama’ as it is an art that is deeply rooted in technology. Not every movie was the way we see it now. With passage of time and development in technology, the quality of the Cinema has got enhanced.

To understand the history of anything, museums are the best places. Likewise, to understand cinema of different countries and regions, the museum for that particular ‘form of cinema’ is the easiest way. It not only gives us the fact, but also gives a visual sight of it.Though the Hollywood film industry is considered the capital of cinemas but the major contributions has come from different parts as well. Here is a list of Top ten most famous art museums around the world.

10. Australian Centre For Moving Image, Australia


The Australian Centre for Moving Image is one of the most visited museum in the world. Do anything and everything out of screen and cinemas, the ACMI offers you them all.

Ever since its inauguration in 2002, it has made its reputation as one of the most loved centres for bringing out innovation and creativity in world film and digital media.

9. National Media Museum, UK


Situated at Bradford, West Yorkshire, The National Media Museum, is one of the most amazing film museums in the world. The museum has a total of 7 floors, with permanent exhibitions of animation, photography, television, video gaming, internet etc. It also hosts temporary exhibitions for the pleasure of its audience.

With a collection of 3.5 million objects related to films, photography and media, the museum is yet another place which is a must to visit once in a lifetime.

8. Hollywood Museum, USA


Hollywood is crowned as the world capital of cinema. USA is a home to several film museums with the Official Hollywood Museum being the most notable one among those.

Housed in the Max Factor building at highland ave, California, the Hollywood Museum has a collection of memorabilia of the ancient American motion pictures and television, photographs, costumes, props, scripts and many more with a total of 10,000 items.


On the whole, it is the perfect place to understand the history of Hollywood.
From Harry Potter, to Twilight to every other film in Bollywood, you can find the traces of everything here!!!!!

7. German Film Museum, Germany


The German Film museum in Frankfurt main is dedicated to the medium of cinema reflecting its past and present, its ups and downs, nearly everything through its screenings and exhibitions. This Film Museum often collaborates with the renowned and talented film makers and makes new films with a little experiment in cinematography.

This beautiful museum has now merged with the German Film institute. It has everything a German film lover would like to see.

6. London Film Museum, London


Next on this list is London Film Museum, a museum dedicated completely to the British Cinema.The museum exhibits original props, costumes, the featured sets, and much more. It also has a section that shows how the British movies are made. Also, it has a section where you can talk with the people involved with the films. This one is really amazing!!!

5. Museum of Cinema, Ukraine


The museum of cinema, a section of NUCU (National Museum of Cinematography) is located at the Odessa film studio, in a historic mansion. It has more than 20,000 works of display and reflects the ‘movement of cinema’ with respect to time. Here you can find everything, from the beginning of the cinema, to its postmodern period, to the present day cinema.

The museum, at its popular attraction, has a room that displays the invention of cinema,even before the time of Lumiere brothers. The museum is indeed a temptation for the film lovers.

4. National Museum of Cinema, Torino


Located inside the Mole Antonelliana tower, Torino, is the museum named ‘National Museum of Cinema’. The building at which it sits itself is the symbol of the city of Torino. Crafted and multipled beautifully by Swiss set designer, Francoes Confino, the museum is a treat for its visitors.

It offers your eyes, the most pleasing views, from the presentations of various Italian movies, to the reels, posters and costumes. The place is a window to the Italian cine life. From exhibitions of the past to festivals of the present, the museum keeps itself updated to every change in the cinema, yet pleases its visitors with the history of their favorite films.

3. The Museum of Film and Television, Berlin


The Museum of Film and Television is one of the six beautiful museums in Germany and the most amazing among them.
The museum exhibits permanent objects from the entire span of the German film and television. The exhibits include props, costumes, photographs and many more, which attracts visitors from all around the world.
Also, it has special blocks for the display of films, and libraries having the record of history of German films and TV.

2. Museum Of Cinema, France


France has one of the richest cinema culture in the world. The Cinémathèque Française, also known as Museum of Cinema, stands as a milestone in the history of French cinema. It has one of the largest archives of cinema and its related items, and also an unparalleled library which has the traces of the history of French cinema.

1. China National Film Museum (CNFM)


Having the central aim of ‘educating people about the culture and art of China’, the CNFM is the most amazing museum in the world. The museum is directed by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. Offering a vivid view to the history of Chinese cinema, this ‘professional’ museum has its surface expanded in 65 acres of land.

It has a huge, extremely huge collection of 1500 film prints, thousands of photographs and other things related to Chinese Cinema. It draws more than million visitors every year.
The place is undoubtedly worth visiting..!!!

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