Top 10 Best Christmas Getaways in the World


Jingle bell, Jingle bell, jingle all the way from the top holiday destinations of the World for the Christmas week. No, No, No! You are never too late for a Celebration. Pack your bags and take a trip to the most beautiful places, before Christmas holiday ends. Here is the list of top 10 best Christmas getaways in the world.

10) Prague, Czech Republic


With the extravagant and adorning decorations, the holiday markets in Prague look larger than life. The old town square should not be missed if you wish to have some real fun.

9) Valkenburg, the Netherlands


Now take a Christmas express train to Valkenburg to shop from the handcrafted antiques of the largest Christmas market of Velvet Cave.

8) Barcelona, Spain


Christmas celebrations are incomplete without gifts. The three kings; Tres, Mags and Reis come to the streets on 5th and 6th of January to present gifts to the children in Barcelona.

7) Zurich, Switzerland


Lichterschwimmen candle-floating event is the main attraction of Christmas in Zurich. The air is filled with the fragrance of mulled wine and cinnamon.

6) Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Amsterdam has some real celebration during Christmas with its 17th centuries houses decorated embellishing the beauty of the town. The light festival in Plantage and Sinterklaas parade during November are the most amazing attractions.

5) The Vatican, Italy


In the Vatican City, a gigantic tree is decorated with thousands of lights and midnight mass is held by the Pope to address people around the squares in Vatican.

4) Goa, India


There are many reasons to celebrate your Christmas week in Goa with the large historical churches to Asia’s biggest Music and Dance festival ‘Sunburn’. Millions of people from all around the world come to this adorning place in December.

3) Santa Claus Village, Finland


If Santa didn’t come to you this winter, You can always visit Santa in his own Village, Rovaniemi. For an authentic Christmas experience, every year about 3, 00,000 visitors come to this holiday destination.

2) Cologne, Germany


This is the best place for all shopping sprees with 8 markets in one town.People can dance, enjoy music, food, clothing, etc. You can also buy a variety of gifts and antiques.

1) New York City


For the best and grand Christmas celebration of the world, you need to visit The New York City. The experience is unforgettable with the huge spruce tree, which is 70-100 feet in height, lighten up with about 25,000 lights and Stars. New York is the hub for celebrations.

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