Top 10 Best Submission Moves in the WWE


Do you want to know about the best submission moves in the WWE? The WWE Superstars are known for their special and devastating movies. Today, in this article we are discussing about the top 10 submission moves of WWE Superstars. These dangerous moves is used when these superstars wants his opponents to tap out.

Just have a glance at this article to know more about these moves. It is advised not to perform such kind of moves without concerned supervision.

10. Figure Four Leg Lock


Every athlete knows the power of the legs, it’s like the base of the body. If you take away the base, then your opponent will definitely tap out. The Figure Four Leg lock deals with the locking of both the wrestler’s legs. It was first introduced by the great Buddy Rogers, and after that it is known as the finishing move of the “Nature Boy” Rick Flair.

9. The Ankle Lock


During your childhood, once in a while you may twist your ankle. At that point of time you will feel the pain, what if your pain is multiplied by 100 times. This multiplied pain is the pain caused by The Ankle Lock. It was first used by Ken Shamrock and then it is adopted by Kurt Angle as the “Angle Lock”. It is also used by WWE Superstar Jack Swagger.

8. Camel Clutch


Camel Clutch is the chin hold while an opponent lying down in a ring. This finisher was first used by The Iron Sheik. It is also used by some other WWE Superstars like Rusevv, Scott Steiner and Muhammad Hassan. If any of these superstar hold this lock for more than 3 minutes, then it will cause a serious damage to their opponents.

7. Torture Rack


Torture Rack is the devastating backbreaker performed by the mighty Lex Luger. While performing this move, Luger carries the whole body of his opponent on his shoulders and pushed him up and down until he became unconscious. This move is also used by Ezekiel Jackson.

6. Mandible Claw


Mandible Claw is the finisher used by Mankind. This move targets the soft flesh under the tongue by applying pressure from the fingers. Mankind used his socks named “Mr. Socko” as a prop for this finisher. Continuous use of this move will cause unconsciousness to the opponents.

5. STF


Fifth position on our list of top ten best finishers in the WWE is grabbed by John Cena’s STF (Step Over Toehold Sleeper). It was first used by Lou Thesz, who is also regarded as the grappling god. John Cena used this hold with full intensity, which will cause his opponent to tap out easily.

4. Crippler Crossface


Crippler Crossface is the attacking submission move used by Chris Benoit and Daniel Bryan. In this lock the performer holds the opponent’s face so tight that he is forced to tap out in just a second. If it is used for more than 2 minutes, then it will break someone’s neck.

3. Kimura Lock


Kimura Lock is used by the beast Brock Lesnar. In this lock the performer locks the arm of its opponent and apply pressure in the opposite direction. Intensive use of this lock may cause a serious arm break.

2. Hell’s Gate


This devastating move is used by the Phenom Undertaker, in this lock the performer pulled down his opponent to the ground and then a powerful force is applied against the shinbone. The Undertaker performs this move with so much intensity that sometimes blood comes out from the mouth of his opponents.

1. The Sharpshooter


First position on our list of top ten best submission moves in the WWE is occupied by “The Sharpshooter”. This move is used by many WWE Superstar like Bret Hart, Owen Hart, The Rock, Sting, Natalya and Tyson kidd. In this move the performer tied his legs with his opponent’s legs and apply a brutal force which will cause a serious pain in the lower back.

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