Top 10 Best WWE Wrestlers of The Attitude Era


Do you want to know who is the best WWE wrestlers of the attitude era. Attitude Era is one of the most important time period for WWE as in this time, this industry experience the real popularity because of the famous faces like The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Undertaker, etc.

Just have a glance at this article to know more about the top 10 best WWE Wrestlers of the Attitude Era.

10. Edge


Tenth position on our list is grabbed by the Rated- R Superstar, the ultimate opportunist “Edge”. He is one of the most talented and good-looking WWE Superstar every exist in WWE History. He and his tag team partner Christian was regarded as one of the greatest tag team of all time.

9. Kurt Angle


Next on our list is the Olympic Gold Medalist “Kurt Angle”. He is the most important part of the Attitude Era. His feud with Triple H is best known by WWE fans as Kurt fall in love with the Game’s wife Stephanie McMahon. After that, his feud against Chris Benoit was resulted as the most interesting technical fight in the WWE.

8. Chris Jericho


Next on our list is one of the most charismatic WWE Superstar “Chris Jericho”. He is the first WWF Undisputed Champion and 3 times WWE Heavyweight Champion. His feud against Triple H, The Rock, Kurt Angle and especially teasing Stephanie McMahon was one of the famous story-line of that era.

7. Mankind


Next on our list is Mick Foley Aka Dude Love Aka Cactus Jack, he is regarded as the hardcore legend ever in WWE History. His first championship win against the rock in the PPV “The Rock Bottom” and his “Hell in a Cell” fight against the Undertaker was one the most memorable moments in WWE History. He is known for his Never say die attitude as he lost his tooth and ears while fighting.

6. Kane


He is the Big Red Machine “Kane”, the most destructive member of the Attitude Era. His first title win against Stone Cold Steve Austin in First Blood Match was a devastating one as he lost his championship next day due to the interference of his brother Undertaker.

5. The Undertaker


Fifth position on our list of best WWE wrestlers of Attitude Era is acquired by the demon from death valley, the Deadman “The Undertaker”. He plays a pivotal role in the attitude era as he portrays a character of “Lord of Darkness”.

His feud with his brother Kane was one of the most crucial and excited plot of Attitude era.

4. Shawn Michaels


Michael Shawn Hickenbottom Aka Heart Break Kid “Shawn Michaels” was born on July 22, 1965 in Chandler, Arizona, United States. He is a former American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter.

He is the one who formed the famous D-Generation X with his friend Triple-H. He is 3 times WWF World Heavyweight Champion, 3 times WWF Intercontinental Champion and 6 times WWF Tag Team Champion.

3. Triple H


Next on our list is the The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings “Triple H”, he is the co-founder of D-Generation X and his real life marriage with Stephanie McMahon was one of the major plots of the Attitude Era.

He is 14 times WWE Champion and right now he is managing his family business i.e WWE Talent and Acquisition manager.

2. The Rock


He is the “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment”, The Great One, The Brahma Bull Aka The Rock. He is the major personality of the Attitude Era after Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He is regarded as the face of the WWE, his feud with Triple-H, Kurt Angle is the major story-line of his character. The Rock and Sock connection, a tag team consisted of The Rock and Mankind was loved by many WWE fans.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin


First position on our list of top ten best WWE Wrestlers of Attitude Era is acquired by The Texas Rattlesnake “Stone Cold Steve Austin”. Attitude Era is the time where Austin 3:16, a marketing gimmick was born.

His feud against The Undertaker, Kane, Bret Hart and most important with Vince McMahon was the most memorable and benchmark in the wrestling history. There are many moments in WWE which without Austin would be impossible.

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