Top 10 Craziest Festivals Around the World


A ‘festival’ is something the whole of the world waits for. It is the time which brings everyone together. In other words, we can say, that a festival is a much needed break to the machinery and busy world of the day.

They say, we live in a crazy and fun loving world which does crazy and weird things to make itself happy. Truly indeed, may it be food fights, like the Tomatina festival in Spain, underwater music fests or even baby jumping fiesta, the world has something for everyone.

Here is the list of Top 10 messiest, colorful, craziest festivals around the world, which brings millions of people together.

10. La Tomatina festival, Spain


If you are planning to visit Spain in august, make sure to have a time at Bunol and participate in the largest food fight in the globe. La Tomatina is yet another Indian Holi, but this time its the tomatoes which makes the show. The festival happens every year on the last Wednesday of august and is the highlight of the place celebrating it for the whole week. Throwing smashed tomatoes is all you need to do.

So grab your bag and head towards Spain, the worlds biggest food fight is waiting for you.

9. The International Highline Meeting festival, Monte Piana, Italy


Ever imagined yourself hung on a string hundreds of feet above the land???

The International High line festival offers the same to its visitors. The people there are hung up on tightropes stretched between the mountains of Italian Alps. They spend most of their time (even night) up there, in the midst of wind and their fellow slackers.

Slackers, is what they call themselves because of the slackness they balance their bodies . A formal event is also held with food and beverages, and the slackers are also given yoga sessions for making them prepared for this chilling experience.

8. Floating Lantern festival, Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)


The Lantern floating festival, in memorial day on the O’ahu Southern Shore brings together more than 40,000 people on the coast and a million through the internet and live streaming. The festival is celebrated with so much enthusiasm in order of honoring loved ones and making a collective hope towards the bright future. Hawaii welcomes everyone to come together for a personal or collective time of remembrance of those who left the world. The festival signifies togetherness and unity which makes it even more beautiful.

7. Mohácsi Busójárás Winter Scareaway Festival ,Hungary


Halloween might be gone but its not the only festival in which people dress up in terrifying dresses to scare and entertain, Hungary, within itself has its Scareaway fest named Mohácsi Busójárás. During the time of February the people of Mohácsi walk down the streets of the town with scary outfits of horned monsters and woolen cloaks.

This festival is said to be celebrated to scare away the cold days and to pay homage to the battle of Mohácsi. The people wearing colorful and scary outfits are supposed to be scaring the invading Turkish army.

6. Golden Retriever Festival, Scotland


If you are a dog-lover then once in a lifetime you must visit Guisachan Gathering, the venue for the Golden Retriever Festival. This place witnesses the world’s most cutest party where hundreds of golden retriever dogs are brought together to celebrate the bond between the humans and their canine pals. The festival is run by Golden Retriever Club of Scotland and is held at the breed’s ancestral.

Lots of photographs, non-human flockering and contests add the seventh star to the Golden-party.

5. Cherry Blossom- Lantern festival, Japan


Cherry blossom is what Japan celebrates for the entire season. Yes, yet again Japan comes up with one more globe-connecting festival. Places like Okanwa, Matsuyama Shiroyama Koen, Tsuyama are some of the major cities in Japan, which celebrates this festival with great pomp. Other cities too celebrate, with the difference, only being that some of the cities make the show in the daytime and some prefer the dark night to enhance the glory of the fest.

4. Winter Light Festival, Japan


Nabano No Sato, a park, flower focused, with sprawling gardens is a place which witnesses the finest illumination of japan, including the finest tunnel of lights, from mid of November to mid of March. This park is located in the city of Kuwana. Having no specific reason for the celebration, we can just say that this is a celebration of joys of lights and victories.

3. Holi- Color Festival, India


Holi,the festival of colors is celebrated primarily in India, where people are celebrating this day by playing with colors, water balloons and water guns. Holi has many stories behind its origin, but the primer one is the killing of Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashyap.

2. Ágitagueda Art Festival, Portugal


Ever thought of passing through a street with colorful umbrellas, giving you shade?

If not, take yourself to Portugal’s 3 years old Ágitaguita Art Festival, where they hang vibrant, colorful umbrellas just to celebrate Life. This is, indeed, innovation at its best and adding this to the list is a smart choice. So if you ever visit this place, try to stop at this during July to get the best view of these colorful umbrella decorated streets.

1. Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand


Imagine a sea of lanterns floating in the sky, creating a mesmerizing constellation of lights moving smoothly with the wind…The imagination itself takes our breaths away, isn’t it?.

Well, if you want to watch this scene in reality, you can get the chance for this beautiful view only at the Thailand Lantern Festival. The people of the place release numbers of rice-paper lantern( Khom Lui) into the sky. This symbolizes the release of worries and letting them float away.

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