Top 10 Crazy Laws in the World


Everyone knows why a Country has laws, and why it is a compulsion to follow them. Obviously, they are made to make the country work smoothly without troubles and hurdles. What if a Country declares a law to which your first expression would be something like “what??? Really???” (Scratching your head) And second would be a stomach ache out of laughter.

Well, for your information, some laws do exist, which are apparently made with some needful purposes, but then no one knows how logical they are. Ultimately, these laws turn out to be weird. Here is a list of top 10 crazy laws in the world.

(We don’t give any guarantee for these laws. Some might be just urban myths.)

1. It is illegal to make a frowned face in Milan


Milan is a place in Italy where it is a legal requirement to smile all the time, except for funerals or hospital visits. So, if you are frowning in Milan, get ready to pay a hefty fine.

2. In England, it is illegal to die in the Parliament Houses



Nigel Cawthorne, author of ‘The Strange Laws of Old England’, said: “Anyone who dies in the Parliament Houses is technically entitled to a state funeral. If they see you looking a bit sick, they carry you out quickly.”

It was illegal to die in the parliament because the parliament house was counted as Royal Palace. The law was stated as ‘the most ludicrous law’ in the UK in 2007. It was just one of the craziest law in Britain and has been removed recently from the rule book.

3. Being overweight is illegal in Japan


You would be shocked to know that it is forbidden to be fat in the country which has given Sumo Wrestling to the world. According to the ‘Metabo law’, no men or women at the age of 40 or above should have the waistline more than 36 and 32 respectively.

Thank god India isn’t connected to Japan in terms of law, or else maximum of the Indian population would have got sued for being overweight.

4. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines and Vatican


Philippines and the Vatican are two countries which basically have no rule and no procedure for divorce. In Vatican you have no right to get divorced even if you want. While in the Philippines the only way to get separated are to either get legal provision for separation or annulment. Though the Muslims there have the right to divorce, but only in some specific circumstances.

5. Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore


Have you ever thought chewing gum could drag you behind the prison?. Yes, it happens.!!! In Singapore chewing gum is completely illegal since 1992. Even the import of it is banned. Only nicotine gum is allowed, under the rule, but even then you can get it only at doctor’s prescription.

6. Don’t pay unless you are full


Denmark is famous for its hospitality. But what they have as a bumper offer is, in the Danish Restaurants there, you don’t have to pay the bill until you feel ‘full’ at the end of your meal. If at the end, you don’t feel satisfied, you can step out without paying the bill.

Awesome.!!! Isn’t it???

7. In Oklahoma, it is illegal to make funny faces at a dog


If you are staying in Oklahoma, make sure you are treating your dog well. This Country can cause you with heavy fine or even jail if you are making ugly faces at your dog. This is so because making such faces at dogs are considered as harassment.

8. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia


Right now, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world which calls it illegal for women to drive a vehicle. A year ago, it was even illegal for them to vote, but luckily King Abdullah had got this law renewed and now the women have got their rights back. (2015)

So, basically women have to stay under heavy restrictions in Saudi Arabia.

9. Switzerland: it is against the law to flush the toilet after 10 pm


Here is yet another crazy law, Flushing the toilet late at night (after 10) in an apartment building is considered illegal in Switzerland. The government states this as a noise pollution.

10. It is illegal to feed a pigeon in Venice


Pigeons are considered as the mascots of Venice (rivaled cats). If not sacred, the Pigeons are highly respected there and you can end up reaching behind the bars by feeding any pigeon in the Country.

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