Top 10 Amazing facts about the Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal is the most creative piece of work and the finest example of Muslim Art. India’s tour is never complete if you haven’t visited Taj Mahal. Every year, millions of tourists come just to see its speechless beauty. There are many legends associated with the construction of this monument of love which is still not known to many people. So here we go to discuss about the top 10 amazing and exciting facts about this beautiful architecture.


Fact 1: The love story

The main cause behind the construction of this beautiful building is the love of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan for his beautiful and beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Bano Begum). She was the third wife of the emperor and was expecting their fourteenth child, but she died in the process. As you have also noticed that Taj Mahal is named after the name of the queen.

Fact 2: The Construction

There is an old saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ and in the same way the construction of Taj took years to complete. The construction started in the year 1631 and completed in 1653. So, the mausoleum took around 22 years for construction.

Fact 3: The Key men

You might be waiting to know the name of the chief architect, designers and others who played a major role in the construction of Taj. ‘Ustad Ahmed Lauhauri’ was the main architect behind the construction, Ismail Afandi designed the main dome, Chiranjilal worked as the chief sculptor and mosaicist, Amanat Khan was the head calligrapher.

Fact 4: The Resources

The Resources is the fourth in the list of top 10 amazing facts about the Taj Mahal. As we all know that one person cannot build this beautiful masterpiece. A huge workforce of 20000 people was employed in the construction of Taj from different parts of the world which include sculptors, artisans, craftsmen, painters, architects, Stonecutters, in layers, calligraphers, etc. More than 1000 elephants were used for transportation of material.

Fact 5: The Cost

Of course, a huge amount has been invested by the Emperor to build this world famous mausoleum. At that time a cost of around 32 million rupees was incurred on its construction. The amount would be around 53 billion rupees today.

Fact 6: The Architectural style

You would be surprised to know that this building brings together three types of architectural style, i.e. Indian, Persian and Islamic.

Fact 7: The perfection

The Taj Mahal is the finest example of symmetrical building. Its four sides are completely symmetrical, giving it a perfect mirror image which also adds to the beauty of the Taj.

Fact 8: The minarets

Did you know that the four minarets of Taj Mahal are not straight, but slightly tilted outwards in order to protect the main structure from any calamity. The minarets are built in such a way that in case if any natural disaster such as earthquake occurs and the minarets fall then it would not harm the main Dome.

Fact 9: The Changing Colors

This fact will bring a smile on your face, changing colors of Taj is believed as the changing mood of the Empress. Taj Mahal is pink in the early morning, milky white in the evening and its color changes to golden on the eve of the full moon.

Fact 10: The Visitors

The Visitors is tenth in the list of top 10 most amazing facts about the Taj Mahal. Do you have any idea about how many visitors come to see Taj daily? This fact will leave you surprised that on an average 12000 visitors daily visit Taj which include the tourists and the citizens of the country.

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