Top 10 Best Formal Shirt Brands in India

Top 10 Best Formal Shirt Brands in India

Formal shirt is an integral part of a person’s wardrobe, whether he is a business professional, government employee or a private employee. A good formal shirt not only keeps a person comfortable but also increase the style quotient.

Whether you are going for a job interview, attending business seminar or giving a presentation, a good formal shirt raises confidence level and also enhances personality. Formal shirts are available in different price range and different fabrics. To know the top 10 best formal shirt brands in India, take a glance in the list below:

10. Levi’s


Levi’s is a popular clothing brand among youth in the country, which takes style to a next level. Also, formal shirts offered by Levi’s are quite trending among all sections of the society.

The best thing of Levi’s formal shirts is style with comfort, which keeps you way ahead from others. Levi’s formal shirts can be purchased online or from retail outlets in the city.

9. Blackberrys


Blackberrys is known for offering flamboyant formal shirts and numbered ninth in the list of top 10 best formal shirt brands in India. Blackberrys formal shirts can be easily found in over 1200 outlets and stores in the country.

8. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

Park Avenue is a brand of Raymond Apparel Limited that was introduced in the market in the year 1986. Quality, comfort and style are manifested in formal shirts offered by Park Avenue.

Whether you want a shirt for some important engagement in office or a party, Park Avenue gives you all. With presence in more than 800  stores and outlets, Park Avenue is a brand that is easily accessible.

7. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

Allen Solly brought the sense of Friday Dressing in India and added vibrant personality in formal shirts. Allen Solly formal shirts are designed to cater new workforce, which want a combination of style and comfort in their clothing.

Allen Solly formal shirts fulfill demands of the people and occupied seventh slot in the list of top 10 best formal shirt brands in India. It offer a wide range of comfortable shirts that combine sense of business with leisure.

6. Van Heusen

Van Heusen

Elegance and style are some of the thing that comes in mind when we talk about Van Heusen. Van Heusen is an amazing brand that offer premier quality formal shirts suitable for 9 to 5 schedule.

5. John Players

John Players

John Players, a brand known for mixing style and comfort together offer a wide variety of formal shirts. John Players is a top choice of youth and occupied fifth position in the list of top 10 best formal shirt brands in India.

Regular fit, Slim Fit and Printed Slim fir are some of the variants of formal shirts offered by John Players. It also introduces new collections of shirt in a regular interval in the year.

4. Arrow


Next on this list is Arrow, a premier clothing brand that offer classic and elegant formal shirts. Perfect stitching, quality fabric and good fitting are characteristics of arrow formal shirts.

3. Raymond


Raymond is one of the most popular formal shirt brands among all sections of the society. It offer formal shirts ranging from mid range to high range in a myriad of colours.

Trust, Integrity and Quality are some of characteristics of products offered by the brand. It offer formal shirts suitable for every occasions like office, meeting, presentation, etc. Also, the availability of the brand in a large number of outlets in the country makes it easily accessible.

2. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is another amazing clothing brand of the Aditya Birla Group and stand at number two in the list of top 10 best formal shirt brands in India. Louis Philippe offers a wide range of formal shirts, which gives a perfect combination of elegance and status.

Made from the finest cotton, Louis Philippe formal shirts gives a long day lasting comfort. A Louis Philippe formal shirt and a well matched accessories gives you an unmatched confidence to deal with the hectic schedule of the day.

1. Peter England

Peter England

Peter England is a leading formal shirt brand of the Aditya Birla Group and offer a wide range of comfortable and elegant shirts. It offers formal shirts that adds comfort and style to a person’s 9 to 5 office schedule.

It is a mid range formal shirt brand that offer comfort, style and superior quality in its products. Formal shirts are available in size varying from 36 to 50 inches and in a plethora of colour.

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