Top 10 Harry Potter Locations


The fictitious character of the famous movie Harry Potter is popular and truly enough, there is no child in the real world who has not believed in the magic of Harry.

Other than the magical children and dialogues, the locations and landscapes in the movie are the main attractions. May it be Hogwarts, the magic school, or the train that takes the magical children to the place, every single scene is set in such eye catching locations that makes the scenes look more than real.

Here are the Top 10 Harry Potter locations. So grab your magic broom and fly off to the magical world of Harry Potter….

10. Freshwater West , Pembrokeshire,  Wales


Freshwater west, a mind-freshening, wind swept, exposed beach is undoubtedly the most consistent surf spot in Wales. The Shell House there had been constructed as one of the sets for the final Harry Potter Film- Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

9. Reptile House, London Zoo


The Reptile House , London zoo is the place where Harry first discovers his art of being able to talk to snakes. If someone fancies talking to the snake Harry had talked with, they must visit the Reptile House once.

8. Gloucester Cathedral, England


The cathedral which has been a holy place since 1,300 years is the place where (in the movie) the Moaning Myrtle or the Nearly Headless Nick are sighted .Though you may not find any of them now, but if you walk in from an old wooden door which leads to the old crypt, you are most obvious to find it haunted by Monks from the old Gloucester monastery.

7. King’s Cross Station, London, England


“Excuse me sir, can you tell me how to get to platform 9- 3/4 ?” Asked harry and the conductor looked at him with all astonishment.

We don’t find any such platform in our stations, but in the world of Harry, it does exist. The platform 9 – 3/4,from where the Hogwarts Express departs is actually the wall between platform 4 and 5. The Kings Cross Station was filmed as a station from where the movie could get the scene of people boarding to Hogwarts express.

6. Picket post Close in Martins Heron, Berkshine


Number 4, private drive Little Whigging is set as the home for the Dursleys where Harry is found most of his summer times with the books. Also it is the place where he was brought up before he went to Hogwarts.

5. Alnwick Castle (Northumberland, England)


If you are a Harry Potter fan then you must have tried flying with that broom stick at your home. Let me take you to directly to the flying class by Madame Hooch.

The location for this class was the outer part of Alnwich Castle. Also the external Bailey of the castle was used as Prof.McGonagall’s office window when Harry Potter caught Naville’s remembrall in – The Philosophers Stone.

4. Bodleian Library


Oxford University’s famous Bodleian Library (England) is one of the most popular Harry Potter locations. It was featured in three of the Harry Potter films. The elegant Bodleian Library, dating from 1602, is a part of the historical sector of Oxford University, was a perfect location for Hogwart’s library.

3. Glencoe, Scotland


Glencoe is the place where the sporty part, ‘The Quidditch’ is filmed . On Glencoe you’ll find the Steal Falls from Glen Nevis from The Tri wizard tournament. This place indeed is a jackpot for Quidditch lovers.

2. Durham Cathedral


Durham Cathedral is one of the UK’s finest Norman buildings. It is the place where Harry sets Hedwig flying, in the very first film, The Philosophers Stone.

1. Glenfinnan Viaduct


Glenfinnan Viaduct is the most popular harry potter location , which is located in Scotland. It is is the place, where the flying ford Angila lands on the way to Hogwarts in the Chamber Of Secrets.

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