Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in the World

Jackie Chan

Do you want to know who is the highest paid actors in the world? Every fan feels proud when he or she finds that his favorite superstar is placed among the top paid actors list. However, these superstars show a lot of hard work and commitments towards their work. That is why they are in our list of highest paid actors in the world.

10. Akshay Kumar – $35.5 million



Tenth on our list is the ‘Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood’, one of the most hardworking in the Bollywood film industry. He charges a lot of money on his movies and advertisements. He is also having a production house named ‘Hari Om Entertainment’. In addition, Mr. Khiladi is having lots of properties in India as well as in around the world.

9. Salman Khan – $37 million


Next on our list is the ‘Dabang Khan of Bollywood’, the bhaijaan who is loved by millions of fans in India. His name in the movie is a guarantee of sure shot success. He charges a lot of money from TV shows like Bigg Boss, Dus ka Dum, etc.

8. Shahrukh Khan – $38 million


Next on our list is the ‘King Khan of Bollywood’ one of the most versatile and popular Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. He is the most popular actor, especially in India, Middle East and Europe. He has a production house named ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’.

7. Tom Cruise – $43 million


He is regarded as one of the most handsome actors in the world, the evergreen ‘Tom Cruise’. He owns a production house named ‘Cruise/Wagner Productions’ which produced many successful movies since its inception.

6. Robert Downey.Jr – $48 million


Next on our list is the most popular actor in the world ‘Robert Downey Jr.’. After a success of Marvel’s Ironman in the year 2008, he became the most lovable superhero playing actor. After that he has done several blockbuster flicks such as Sherlock Holmes, Marvel Avengers, which made him a worldwide superstar.

5. Jackie Chan – $49 million

Jackie Chan

Fifth position on our list of highest paid actors is grabbed by Asian star Jackie Chan. He is known for performing his own stunts. He is having his own production and distribution company named JCE Movies Limited, and is the owner of Jackie Chan Theater International.

4. Adam Sandler – $50.5 million

Adam Sandler

Next on our list is Hollywood comedy actor Adam Sandler, who is known for his comic timing. He is having one of the most expensive homes in Bel Air California.

3. Vin Diesel – $54.5 million

Vin Diesel

Next on our list is the American actor, voice artist, producer and screenwriter. He has been in the Hollywood film industries from around 40 years. He is basically known for his work in action packed movies like XXX- Xander Cage, Riddik franchise etc.

2. Dwayne Johnson – $65 million


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the most dynamic personality in the Hollywood film industry. From a wrestler to Hollywood Superstar, this man has got it all. He owns a production house named Seven Bucks Productions.

1. Mark Wahlberg – $68 million


First position on our list is grabbed by ‘Mark Wahlberg’, he is currently the highest paid actor in the world. He is in acting, television production, sports franchise, Restaurant franchise, film and advertising.

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