Top 10 Hollywood Movies Produced by WWE


Do you want to know about the movies produced by the  WWE Films. WWE  Studios formerly known as WWE Films was created to produce films and promoting WWE Superstars Worldwide. Previously WWE Films is known as Shane Distribution Company and since 2002, it produced many films worldwide. Lets have look at the top 10 Hollywood movies produced by the WWE.

10. No Holds Barred


The 1989 Wrestling film ‘No Holds Barred’ seems like obvious WWE production as it stars Hollywood Hulk Hogan as a professional Wrestler and also features guys like Jessey Ventura, Stan Hanson, Howard Finkle, Gene Okerlund. However, during the examination of the credits makes no mention of the promotion whatsoever, instead listing the producer as the Shane Distribution Company because WWE Studios didn’t exist at that time.

9. Jingle All The Way 2


The Original ‘Jingle All the Way’ stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad became a silly Christmas comedy cult classic. On the other hand the sequel Jingle All The Way 2 starring Larry the cable guy and Santino Marella marked as the biggest flop movies of the WWE Studios

8. The Scorpion King


Most of the Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson early movies were produced by WWE Studios like The Scorpion King, The Run Down and Walking Tall all features the Rock in the lead role. Due to the massive success of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, people didn’t even recognize that this movie is produced by WWE Studios.

7. 12 Rounds


Next on our list of top ten Hollywood movies supported by the WWE is ’12 rounds’ is yet another WWE film starring John Cena as the lead character. This movie marks as the average presence at the Box Office but still WWE produced two more sequels of this film starring Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose as the lead actor.

6. See No Evil


In the year 2006, WWE Studios produced a movie named ‘See No Evil’ starring Kane as the lead role. This is the first horror movie ever produced by the studio, where Kane portrays a physcopath killer. The home release of this film earned about $45 million and a sequel ‘See No Evil 2’ was released straight to DVD in 2014.

5. The Marine


After Dwyane Johnson, John Cena is the another WWE Superstar who grabbed the opportunity to become the face of WWE and one of the favorite star of WWE Studios. The Marine was released in the year 2006 wasn’t much successful as originally hope.

Al-Pacino was intended to be the primary antagonist in the film, but the acting legend declined the role due to low salary that is why the movie release date was pushed back numerous times. After its theatrical release this movie got a negative review, but it performed well in the DVD’s and marked as one of the most successful WWE films. This led to 3 sequels and the 4th one is currently in production.

4. Barricade


Officially the 18th film released by WWE Studios, 2012 Barricade was notable for being the first which didn’t include any WWE Superstar. Without lack of promotion and negative critic review this movie falls in the Box Office.

3. Les Reines Du Ring


Les Reines Du Ring or Queens of the Ring is a French movie which was supported by the WWE Studios. It is basically a comedy film directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki. After the release of the film WWE Studios bought a distribution rights of this film.

2. The Call


The Call is by far the most successful WWE films till date starring Halley Berry as the lead character. This movie got a mixed review, but still it managed to grab a whooping sum of $68 million at the Box Office. Berry also earned Teen Choice and BET Awards nomination for her role as 911 operator in the film.

1. Oculas


First position on our list is acquired by ‘Oculas’, which  is yet another horror film from WWE Studios and it also doesn’t include any WWE wrestlers. This movie received a positive review by the fans and critics which help this movie to grab $44 million at the Box Office.

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