Top 10 Most Impressive Physique in WWE


Do you want to know which WWE wrestlers got the best body in this industry?. In this article we are going to discuss about the most impressive body in the entire wrestling industry. Over the past decades, we found lots of WWE Wrestlers with great physique and personality. So this time we compiled a list of top 10 most impressive physique in WWE. Just have a glance at this article to find out best body in WWE.

10. Randy Ortan


Tenth position on our list of top 10 most impressive physique in WWE is acquired by the viper “Randy Ortan”. His Physique is often referred to as the perfect body for wrestling as fully ripped and perfectly proportional. An Ex-Marine, Randy Ortan don’t have a massive body as other heavyweight wrestlers, but instead he has a lean and athletic physique, which looks quite amazing.

9. Batista


Batista is one of those wrestlers who had a body building career before moving to a professional wrestling. His body has changed a lot over the past years, but luckily he maintained his body in a good shape and remained impressive.

8. Brock Lesnar

At 6ft 3in and weighing over 280 pounds, this man is a beast. Brock Lesnar has a muscular physique and his body tattoo looks so stylish and completes his looks as a Beast.

7. Scott Steiner


When you talk about the big bodies in wrestling, a few names would immediately pop up in your mind and one of them is “Big Poppa Pump” i.e. Scott Steiner. He is massive, especially his biceps, which are claimed as the biggest in the wrestling industry. Though he is in his 50’s, but still he has one of the best physique in all of wrestling.

6. Ultimate Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior was an amateur bodybuilder before jumps to professional wrestling. He competes in a number of bodybuilding contests and winning the 1984 NPC Mr. Georgia Crown. He was also famous for his high energy entrance.

5. Lex Lugar


Lex Lugar had one of the most impressive physiques in the history of wrestling. With that impressive physique and a set of powerful maneuvers, it’s perfectly understandable why Lex Lugar was called the “Total Package”.

4. Triple H


Before entering into the Wrestling Industry, Triple H had used to compete in Bodybuilding competition and won his first championship in 1988, winning “Teenage Mr. New Hampshire”.

Throughout his career, he remained one of the most physically fit wrestlers in WWE and even though he is in his 40’s, Triple H still has a great physique.

3. John CenaJohn_cena

Before becoming one of the most popular superstar in WWE history, John Cena had a bodybuilding career. He has one of the best physique in wrestling industry today, he is massive and got a perfectly proportional body.

2. The Rock


The Rock is widely considered as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and some credit of his success goes to his looks and his impressive physique.

1. Rick Rude


This man had one of the most impressive body in entire WWE history, with every muscle in his body ripped, especially the abs. The ladies loved Rude and the men wanted to look like him. He took off his ring robe in order to show the ladies what “A real superhot man is supposed to look like”.

Not only he has a great body, but he was also considered as one of the toughest man in the business, known to knock down men with a single open handed slap to the face.

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