Top 10 Most Ambitious Dubai Projects

Dubai is considered as the most popular city of United Arab Emirates (UAE), well known for its night life, desert safari, shopping destination and world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. In our previous article we talked about the top 10 most amazing places to visit in Dubai  and now in this article we compiled a list of top ten most ambitious Dubai projects.

Dubai is making a great development by building some outstanding projects. Just have a glance at this article to know what are these projects and when they are going to be completed.

10. Al Maktoum International Airport


Al Maktoum International Airport is a well planned logistics, commercial and residential scheme, located on Jabel Ali United Arab Emirates and  owned by the government of Dubai. The total estimated cost to build this airport is $80 billion and estimated time required to complete this project is 2025 and after completion, it is going to be the second largest airport in the world.

9. Dubai International City


Developed by Makheel Properties with the cost of $95 billion on area of 8.2 is theme country themed architecture of residences, business and tourist attraction. The construction began on July 10, 2010. After completion , this project will contain one bedroom apartments which can accommodate over 120000 residents and a professional studio.

8. Arabian Canal


This would be world’s largest canal, Arabian canal is 75 km extending from Dubai Marina to the end of Palm Jebel Ali rounding Al Maktoum International Airport. The project being lead by company limitless was supposed to be completed by 2012 with the budget of $50 billion but has been on hold since 2009.

7. Dubai Land


Dubai land is regarded as the world largest entertainment zone twice as compare to the size of Disney land. It is being built in Dubai by Tatweer. It was the most ambitious project ever proposed when proposed in 2003. The total cost of construction and management of this project is supposed to be $64.3 billion and the construction was put on hold on 2008 and again resumed in 2013. With 45 mega and 200 sub projects it is predicted to be open before 2020.

6. Jumeirah Garden City


Jumeirah Garden City is a strategic plan for the year 2015 which is going to be build on 90,00,000 square meter . This will be built across north of Sheikh Zayed road between Oiyafa Street and Safa Park evicting 12 district and a population of 50,000. The total cost of this project is about $95 billion comprising 7 distinct area and artificial islands. The project was put on hold due to global financial crisis.

5. Palm islands


The fifth position on our list of top 10 most ambitious Dubai project is occupied by a series of island that are joined together in the shape of palm, which is among the few things visible from space by naked eyes. Technically, they are not island but are connected by bridge with each other namely Palm Jumeriah, Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. The construction of Palm Jumeriah is completed and it is now became the second home of various international celebrities where as Jebel Ali and Palm Deira was renamed as Deira island and there construction is still in progress.

4. The Universe


The Universe is a planned artificial island collection build in the shape of solar system and Milky way galaxy. Planned to be completed between 2023 to 2028 but now this project is halted and listed as future project.

3. The World Islands


The world islands or the world is the artificial island constructed in rough shape of map of world located in the waters of Persian gulf. Originally been conceived by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid ali maktaum, the ruler of Dubai.
The construction of this project was began in 2003 and halt on 2006 due to financial crises and then finally completed on 2014. The overall cost was estimated in 2005 was $14 Billion.

2. Dubai Waterfront


This is considered to be the largest man made development in the world, “Dubai Waterfront” is expected to become the largest waterfront in the world. With the vision to create a world- class destination for residents, visitors and businessman, the waterfront has series of zones for commercial, residential, resort and amenity purpose.

1. Business Bay


First position on our list of top ten Dubai projects is acquired by one of the most popular Dubai properties group’s “Business Bay”. This marvelous property comprises 240 high and low rise buildings, mostly residential and mixed use skyscrapers worth construction planned $30 billion. This infrastructure have been completed in the year 2008.

Build on 80 million sq.ft, it has commercial building hotel, office building and residential building and the total number of peoples required to complete this project was more than 191000.

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