Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Cartoon Characters of All Time

Everybody loves cartoon during their childhood, but some are the greatest fan of their favorite cartoon characters. There are many popular characters exist in the fictional universe but there are some who possesses a phenomenal and mesmerizing beauty. This article is dedicated to the most attractive female cartoon character ever exist. Just have a glance at this article and enjoy the top 10 list of most beautiful female cartoon characters of all time.

10. Betty Ruble


The tenth position on our list of top ten most beautiful cartoon characters is occupied by “Betty Ruble”. She is the Black haired wife of caveman Barney Ruble and the adoptive mother of Bam Bam from the Flintstones. She lives in Bedrock, a fictional prehistoric town where they live with dinosaurs and enjoy basic amenities like automobiles, telephone and washing machines.

9. Daphne Blake


She is a 16 year old beautiful young girl from one the longest running American animated series Scooby Doo. She comes from a well versed family and known for her great fashion sense.

8. She-Ra


She-Ra is regarded as the Princess of Power and was originally designed to appeal girls as He-man does to young boys. She possesses a beautiful long legs and lovely blonde hair.

7. Cinderella


Cinderella is regarded as one of the Disney’s most iconic characters. After the death of her parents, she found herself working as a servant in her own house and after she attend the Royal Ball, The Prince acknowledges her and make his princess.

6. Pocahontas


Pocahontas is considered as Disney’s first ever princess based on an American Legend. She got an exquisite looking with her tall and athletic figure, big red lips and flowing black hair.

5. Princess Ariel


Fifth position on our list of top 10 most beautiful female cartoon characters is “Princess Ariel”. She is the 7th daughter of King of an underwater kingdom called Merfolk. She has a very distinctive appearance with her green mermaid tail, long flowing bright red hair, and beautiful blue eyes.

4. Princess Jasmine


Princess Jasmine is one the most beautiful and gorgeous princess of the Disney’s world. She has a thick long black hair and unique oval shaped brown eyes which makes her irresistible.

3. Wonder Woman


She is the most famous female superhero of all time. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess of the Amazon and is popularly known as Princess Diana in her motherland named Themyscira. Her dressing style is a little one piece suit and the Lasso of truth.

2. Princess Aurora


Gold of Sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red rose. Princess Aurora is one of the most beautiful Disney’s female cartoon characters of all time. The sleeping beauty is a princess, but has the elegance of the queen.

1. Jessica Rabbit


First position on our list of top 10 most beautiful female cartoon characters of all time is acquired by one and only Jessica Rabbit. She is quite tall and possesses a beautiful figure with a long red hair which covered her right eye. Her eyes look so seductive because of dark eyelashes and purple eye shadow.

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