Top 10 Most Craziest Bridges Around the World

You may come across various bridges in your life and even traveled some of them once in a while. But did you know there are some bridges in this world which are quite unusual. So this time in this article we compiled a list of weirdest bridges around the globe. Just sit back and enjoy the list of top 10 most craziest bridges around the world.

10. Millau Viaduct, France


The tenth position on our list of top 10 craziest bridges in the World is acquired by “Millau Viaduct”, which is located in southern France. This cable stayed bridge is considered as the tallest bridge (343m) in the world (Not to be confused with the highest bridge in the World), which is Sidu River Bridge.

9. The Helix Bridge, Singapore


The Helix Bridge, Previously known as double helix bridge, is a pedestrian bridge linking Marina Center with Marina South in the Marina Bay area in Singapore. At night the bridge gets illuminated by a series of light that highlights the double helix-structure, thereby creating a special visual experience for the visitors.

8. Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands


The Slauerhoffbrug Bridge also called as the “flying drawbridge” is one of the fully automatic bascule bridge in the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. This bridge can quickly raised and lowered from one pylon using its two arms, which allows the water traffic to flow efficiently.

7. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England


The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge which is spanned over the River Tyne in England. This bridge is popularly known as Blinking Eye Bridge and is usually used by the cyclist. Basically, this bridge has two elegant curves, one forming the deck and the other supporting it. In order to allow ships to pass underneath, the support arc of this bridge tilts lower so the pathway rises, each counter balancing the other.

6. Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China


This is the first ever bridge to cross the Huangpu River from central Shanghai, linking it with the Pudong district across the river. The circular design of this bridge was made in order to cut down the quantity of land used in Shanghai.

5. Octavio Frias De Oliveira Bridge, Brazil


Fifth position on our list of top ten craziest bridge around the world is occupied by “Octavio Frias De Oliveira Bridge”. It is basically a cable stayed bridge in Sau Paulo, Brazil , which is built over the Pinherios river. This bridge looks quite strange sometime because all the cables are connected in a cross shape like alphabet “X” and its platform is also in the same “X” shape.

4. The Rolling Bridge, London, England


This award winning Rolling Bridge in London is a bridge that rolls itself up in order to make an octagon shape, which helps boats to sail in and out very swiftly. Despite the name, the motion of the bridge actually be called “curling” rather than “rolling”.

3. Dragon King Kong Bridge China


The Dragon King Kong Bridge is located in the Changsha Meixi Lake District in China. Basically, it is a pedestrian bridge of total length of 185 meters and a height of 22 meters. This bridge gives you the mesmerizing view of the Dragon King Harbor River and the Meixi Lake.

2. Henderson Waves, Singapore


Next is “Henderson Waves Bridge”, which is located at 36 meters above the ground level and regarded as one of the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. This strange bridge is wrapped in curved ribs of steel, creating a wavel ike effect which also function as shelter for the pedestrain, with seats underneath them.

1. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan


First position on our list of top ten craziest bridges around the World is acquired by “Eshima Ohashi Bridge” of Japan. This bridge is also referred as the “Roller Coaster Bridge” and this concrete road bridge spans a mile across Lake Nakaumi, linking the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato. This bridge also featured in the commercial for Daihatsu motors, which showed the bridge from such angle that exaggerates the slope of the bridge which made it look more like a roller coaster than a bridge.

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