Top 10 Most Dangerous WWE Wrestlers of All Time


Do you want to know who is the most dangerous WWE Wrestlers of all time ?. Here in this article we are compiling a list of most destructive WWE superstars ever in WWE History. These wrestlers will destroy and demolish his opponents whenever anyone tries to walk in their path. Just have a glance at this article to know more about top ten most dangerous WWE wrestlers.

10. Kane


Tenth position on our list of most dangerous WWE Superstars is grabbed by “The Big Red Monster” Kane. He is the most destructive WWE wrestler of the Attitude Era. He teamed up with his brother in order to make the unstoppable tag team of all time “Brother of Destruction”. He is also regarded as one the scariest WWE superstar of all time.

9. The Great Khali


This Indian wrestler got everything to scare his opponents, whether his 7ft 2 inch height or his immense power. He can easily crush anyone with his bare hands just like a fruit. He is regarded as the “Punjabi Monster” and his finishing move “Khali Chop” will chop the head of his opponents.

8. Roman Reigns


Leati Joseph Aka Roman Reigns was born on May 25, 1985 in Pensacola, Florida, United States. He is an American professional wrestler and former football player.

He is 3 times WWE World Heavyweight Champion, one time WWE Tag Team Champion and also won Royal Rumble 2015. His finisher Superman Punch and Spear will definitely gave nightmare to his opponents.

7. Randy Orton


Next on our list is the Legend Killer, the Viper “Randy Orton”. He is the youngest WWE Champion ever in WWE and won 12 times WWE Championship in his career. His finishing move RKO and Running Punt Kick is regarded as one of the most destructive finishers in WWE.

6. Stone Cold Steive Austin


Next is the Rattle Snake “Stone Cold Steve Austin”, he is the most fearless wrestler in WWE as he did not hesitate to stand up against the authority. His finisher stone cold stunner is regarded as one of the greatest finisher of all time. He is the only fear and nightmare of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who feels the taste of stone cold stunner many times.

5. The Undertaker


Fifth position on our list of top 10 most dangerous WWE wrestlers is acquired by the legend, the Phenom “Undertaker”. He is one of the oldest WWE wrestlers, who still working in this company. He is also regarded as one of the scariest wrestlers of his time as most of people afraid to face him in a fight.

He is known for his winning streak (21-0) in Wrestlemania (The grand stage of them all). His finisher Tombstone Pile-driver will surely send anyone to the death valley.

4. Triple H


Next on our list is the Game “Triple H”, he is now working as the head of Talent and Acquisition in WWE and also the founder of WWE NXT. He and his “Sledge Hammer” is considered as the true weapon of destruction. Whenever The Game found his Sledgehammer, then surely he will destroy and burst his opponent’s head as a bloody river.

3. Batista


Next is the Animal “”Dave Batista”, He is regarded as one of the most powerful wrestler in WWE. His finishing move finebuster combined with a spear and Batista bomb will demolish his opponents. After that they will not survive the fury of this animal. He is 6 time WWE Champion and there is a rumor that he is going to be returned in 2017.

2. Goldberg


Next on our list is the most dangerous, the undefeated “Bill Goldberg”, he is absolutely mad and fearless wrestler, who destroys everyone coming towards his way. His finishing move Goldberg Spear combined with Jackhammer knock out any wrestler within a second.

1. Brock Lesnar


First position on our list is occupied by none other than The Beast himself “Brock Lesnar”. He is a professional wrestler and Mixed Martial Art expert. He shattered each and every wrestler whom he faces. He brings nightmare to his opponents by giving them F-5 peacefully.

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