Top 10 Most Expensive House in the World


Building a house is not only a basic need, but also is the most satisfying feeling in the world. “SATISFACTORY”, not in terms of its size or luxury, but for the million dollar joy that it gives. The joy of being able to get a place of your own, a place you can call yours, a place which lives with you, grows with you, and definitely reflects your persona.

A House is an important place as it reflects the lifestyle of people, who live in it. The world today is ‘luxury demanding’ and with the passage of time, the very meaning of the house has changed from the basic need to luxury.

“No luxury in this world comes free”

So it’s obvious that the construction of these houses must be causing the owner with expenditure of huge amount of money. When the topic reaches to a factor called ‘money’ then, we must remember that it binds itself with ‘competition’. It comes with a race of being at the top, and when it is a race, then obviously, we must be having a list of winners as well. After all, result is what everyone looks ahead for. So, here is the list of top 10 most expensive houses in the world:

10. Waterfront Estate, Istanbul, Turkey ($100 million)


Located on the Bosphorous coast, Waterfront Estate is of 0.75 acres but the villa itself is spread in a huge area of 30,000 massive square feet. The mansion has all possible luxuries you expect from a massive $100 million house. It has been recently sold by Luici real estate. In any part of your dream if you wish of jumping out of your window and smashing down into a river, well then, you can do that in this house too.

9. Franchuk Villa, London ($ 128 million)


The name of the mansion doesn’t sound like it’s English, that is because it was bought by Elena Franchuk, a Ukranian Businnesswoman. This Victorian style house was a prep school for girls in the 18th century, but was remodeled to an enormous mansion. It has a 20 foot ceiling and if you are a health wreck then this giant mansion provides you with a gym as well.

8. Updown Court- Surry, England ($138 million)


Eighth place in the list of top 10 most expensive house in the world is occupied by The Updown Court, a residence situated in Windlesham village, Surry, England. It has 103 rooms and a garden of 58 acres and was the most expensive private home in the planet in 2005. The original owner of the mansion was Bruce Willis and the last listed owner was supposed to be non-England resident and maintained privacy throughout the purchase.

7. The Manor, Los Angeles, California ( $150 million)


The Manor belongs to Petra Stunt, daughter of Bernie Eccelestone, who made lot of money, and managed to become the owner of the 7th most expensive house in the world. Actually, this beautiful house was built by Aaron Spelling, who later sold it to Petra. This Santa’s sack has three rooms, solely made for wrapping Christmas presents. It also has a parking garage, which can fit 100 vehicles all together.

6. The Pinnacle- sky MT ( $ 155 million)


The Pinnacle, located in Montana, is declared as the 6th most expensive house in the world, despite of the fact that Montana itself is renowned for being the lowest in real estate rates in America. Montana is also one of the coolest place, so the house needs to be adequate to give all the luxuries to the people living there, and The Pinnacle fulfills the demands with its warm luxurious rooms and pools both indoor and outdoor with fireplace in each of them.

5. One Hyde Park, London, England ($214 million)


Having a Rolex store, McLaren automotive and Abu Dhabi Islamic bank on its bottom, the One Hyde Park is the third most expensive house in the world. The building took just two years to get completed (2007-09) and has the Prime Minister of Qatar as its resident. Well then, $214 million has got the right place to spend itself.

4. Henley Mansion , Berkshine, England ( $218 million )


Situated in England, Henley Mansion is owned by a Russian billionaire, whose identity is still private, but it’s been confirmed that the owner is a Russian oligarch. Supposedly, it is the history that makes the mansion so expensive. It is even older than George Burns but got renovated multiple times to make it look modern.

3. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, NY ($220 million)


The $ 220 million Fairfield Pond sits on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast and owned by a billionaire named Ira Rennert having a net of $6 billion and holds a land of 63 acres. Even if you have $220 million for the mansion, still you are going to need $400,000 each year to give as property tax..Wohoo, so you need to be really rich to get this giant mansion from Rennert.

2. Villa Leopolda , French Riviera, France ($ 750 million)


If you are a Garden lover, then here is your destination, having only one condition applied with an asterisk sign that’s you should have more than $750 million to give to Lily Safra, the owner of the villa. The estate has more than 50 gardeners to look after its giant gardens. Villa Leopolda is a 20 acres mansion once owned by King Leopold II.

1. Antilla, Mumbai ( $ 2 Billion)


Mukesh Ambani, the king of the Reliance industry Limited is the owner of the planet’s most expensive house ‘Antilla’ (570 feet high). Antilla is the most expensive house in the world and even long before it was completed, the building was estimated to own an expense of $80 million. Due to the sky touching prices since that duration in Mumbai, the estate is worth of $ 2 billion now.

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