Top 10 Most Haunted Colleges in India

haunted colleges in India

We all have that craze to know about haunted places, especially, when its about colleges or hostels. Ask any student, from any college, and you’ll definitely get something interesting and haunting to hear from them. So, here we are presenting a list of top 10 most haunted colleges in India.

10. Singhad College of Engineering, Pune

Tenth position on our list of top ten most haunted colleges in India is occupied by “Singhad College of Engineering,Pune”.This college too has a story of someone committing suicide in the campus. This leads to yet another thing that the place is haunted.The students are so fearsome that they don’t even dare walk in the campus late at night. They say that they have heard unusual sounds and some weird things in the campus at night.

9. Agricultural University, Allahabad

This College has no particular theory for calling itself haunted. Anyway, the girls hostel is reported haunted by the girls staying there. They claim watching someone regularly in the corridors of the hostel. This is yet again one of the haunted Colleges.

8. IIT Roorkee

A stressed out student committing suicide in a room, hanging himself from the ceiling fan has spread like the forest fire in the town after the incident. This came out with many others claiming that the place is haunted by the ghost of the child. This makes the College one of the most haunted Colleges in the country.

7. Women’ s College, Kolkata

The Women’s College of Kolkata stands in the building which was earlier, the house of Warren Hastings, the first Governor general of British India. The students have claimed to feel the presence of Hastings on many occasions. It is especially the time of the new year when they say that they feel as if the spirit of general is rushing up the staircase in search of some documents.

This particular theory comes up having the support of a story related to Hastings trauma while he was pointed with bribery charges.

6. St Bede’s College, Shimla

The students of the St Bede’s College state that they have heard weird sounds coming from the dining hall after the bed hours. Even though, the faculties have dismissed this statement in their part saying, the noise has been coming from the hills nearby and are of no ghosts. Anyway, the place does exist in the list of most haunted places in the Country.

5. University of Pune

The woods in the Pune University, regardless of the regular ones are said to be standing near the grave of Alice Richman, an Australian lady, who is reported to be dying of Cholera. Other than the fact inscribed in her grave stone, many other words also have given reasons for her death. Some said, she has died falling from a horse, a few others said that it was a suicide that killed her.

They say, they have seen someone in white roaming in the Campus garden. No idea if these are rumors or something is actually fishy, but hey.. The place is haunted.

4. Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai

There is not particular sound or something noted yet about the college, but a classroom, marked S26, the girls common room and the auditorium is said to be haunted with some unknown supernatural entity.
No harm is caused yet, but the students as well as the college faculty live in the utmost fear.

3. SNDT Girls College, Mumbai

After 2 at night, a female voice is heard reciting multiplication tables at a particular spot in the college. This spot is found out to be staff quarters earlier.
Maths freak, the ghost is!!!

2. Kastoorbha Medical College, Manipur

There is a famous tale among the students of the Kastoorbha Medical College that someone was one trapped in the 8th floor of the building and had died. The spirit of the trapped one is said to reside in the staircase there.
Well, the most interesting part comes here. Did you know, No 8th floor actually exists in the building?

1. Madras Christian College

First position on our list of top 10 most haunted colleges in India is acquired by “Madras Christian College”. The Chemistry lab of the Madras Christian College has been reported a number of times haunting its students and faculties with screams and spooky sounds.
Seems like the ghosts in the College has some special interest in chemistry!

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