Top 10 Most Impressive Movie Performance by WWE Stars


Do you want to know the most impressive acting performance by WWE stars? Some might say, the best acting school in Hollywood is WWE, the backstage promo to in-ring psychology. It takes lots of acting talent to thrive in the WWE.

This is why many WWE superstars moved to Hollywood in order to play their second inning. Just have a glance at this article to know more about some of the best movie performances from your favorite stars.

10. Randy Savage – Spider Man


Spiderman may have had his hands full with Green Goblin in his first live action film, but one of his most entertaining battles was against ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. In this movie, Savage plays a role of professional wrestler named Bone Saw.

As Bone Saw, Randy Savage gave the crowd a classic promo that makes you recall his days in the WWF and WCW. He took on Spiderman in a cage match, where Spidey used his new power to outsmart Bone Saw.

9. John Cena – Trainwreck


The next position on our list of top ten most impressive movie performance is grabbed by John Cena. In the movie Trainwreck, Cena delivers laughs to the masses as Amy Shumer’s boyfriend Steven.

The R-rated comedy allows Cena to break away from his PG image and really brings some adult comedy to the fans. He brings some of the movie biggest laughs and the role has open numerous opportunity for this actor including hosting of Saturday Night Live.

8. The Rock – Pain & Gain


It didn’t take long before the Rock transition from the WWE to Hollywood. Aside from several action movies, one of his most dramatic performances came from the film ‘Pain & Gain’.

Based on the true story, the Rock stars alongside Mark Wahlberg as two bodybuilders looking to make their American Dreams come true in all the wrong ways. It shows the Rock diverse acting skills and lots of comedy.

7. Roddy Piper – They Live


Aliens, Bubble Gums and special glasses are the key components which make John Carpenter’s Sc-Fi classic They Live. Roddy Piper steals the show as the man who discovers Alien invasion taking over the world.

One of his best scenes in the movie is nearly 4 minutes long Street Fight that Piper has with his best friend. They brawl several minutes, just to convince the man to try on a pair of magical sunglasses.

6. Hulk Hogan – Rocky III


Hogan and WWE got a lot of exposure to the Hogan’s role as a professional wrestler named ‘Thunderlips’. His exhibition battle with Rocky Balboa showcase his massive size and proved to be one of the best parts of the film.

It was only 3 years after this Mr. T and Hulk Hogan teamed up for the first ever Wrestlemania.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Damage


After retiring from the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin stars in many low budget action films. As he swift through his other movies like Stranger, Hunt to kill, Tactical Force and Recoil, be sure not to pass up ‘Damage’.

In this movie Steve plays a role of underground cage fighter looking to raise money to pay a girl’s heart transplant. Among all the great action scenes there is also a quite and compelling acting moments.

4. John Cena – The Marine


With the departures of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the WWE needed a new face for the brand incomes the John Cena. With his starring role in the WWE Studio film ‘The Marine’.

Cena plays the role of a former marine, who must rescue his kidnapped wife. Cena proves to be a true action stars that helps to set up a huge franchise with multiple sequels starring other WWE Superstars like Randy Orton, The Miz and Dean Ambrose.

3. Andre The Giant – The Princess Bride


In the WWE, Andre the Giant portrayed as a monstrous and quite giant. It was the complete opposite for his role in the fantasy film ‘The Princess Bride’. Andre played the large Fezzik full on with his stick French accent.

He brought a lot of comedy to the role and it was fun to see the larger than life superstar on the big screen. His comedic timing was perfect and it also helped him gain a lot of movie fans.

2. Batista – Guardians of Galaxy


Former WWE Champion Dave Batista was born to play Drax-The Destroyer, stealing many scenes in the Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy franchise. In this movie, he plays a role of bounty hunter out to seek vengeance for her murdered family.

Batista delivered great lines and awesome on screen chemistry with co-star Bradley Cooper and Chris Pat. His acting is paid off as he returned for the next installment of this film in order to deliver more thrill and more laughs.

1. The Rock – Fast & Furious


First position on our list of most impressive movie performance by WWE superstars is acquired by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. After multiple sequel release, The Rock helped breathe a lot of life in the Fast and Furious franchise. Driving cars, shooting guns, getting in the pissed fights was just the few other things the rock has done in these movies.

He also delivers some great one liners, only the rock could pull off. He already slated to appear in multiple sequel of this series and will help extend the franchise worldwide.

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