Top 10 Most Injured WWE Wrestlers of All Time


Do you want to know who are the most injured WWE wrestlers of all time? Yes, today we are talking about all the injuries and pain faced by these superstars in order to entertain us. WWE is a serious business, which demands years of practice to become a pro wrestler. So, just have a glance at this article to know more about your favorite WWE superstars.

10. Sheamus


Sheamus is an Irish wrestler, who is one of the most popular superstar of this era. He missed tons of times in the wrestling ring by his fans. He had many injuries, which include multiple shoulder injury and his skin is also very sensitive, which leaves a deep mark on his body.

9. Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio is known for his several knee injuries, but this little champ manages to wrestle with a broken knee. The major reason of his knee injury is due to his finisher “619”, which solely depend upon the leg movement.

8. John Cena


Cena has been injured on multiple occasions with severe injuries like shoulder, neck, knee and elbow. Due to which, he is out of the show and missed several times in the ring by WWE fans.

One of his most remembered injuries of Cena is in the match against Seth Rollins, where his nose was broken. However, at this time it looks like his career could soon be ending due to all of his major injuries.

7. Kevin Nash


Kevin Nash had serious knee and injured leg issue, this may be because of his height and weight. He was also a former basketball player and had a serious leg injury back then. He had around 30 knee surgeries, which cause him early retirement and less active in the ring.

6. Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan had to retire too soon because of his injuries like multiple concussions (he also had seizures from this concussions), neck injuries, eye injuries. We guess, he might get these injuries due to his unique wrestling style.

5. Edge


Fifth position on our list of most injured WWE wrestlers is acquired by the Rated R Superstar and a WWE Hall of Famer “Edge”. He also had to retire early from wrestling ring due to serious injury of neck and spinal issue. ¬†Above is the pic after his successful neck surgery.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin broke his neck in a match against Owen Hart, where Owen gave him a reverse pile driver. He was never the same Rattle Snake after that incident. He also had multiple knee injuries which caused him to early retirement. He is also a former Hall of Famer and considered as the face of WWE in the Attitude Era.

3. Mick Foley


Mick Foley is a WWE Hardcore Legend and a former WWE Hall of Famer. He had many unforgettable fights in his career, which include Hell in a Cell with Undertaker. He had multiple knee injury, broken teeth and his ear was also ripped off during King of the Ring. This is the reason why he retires at an early age.

2. Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle had multiple injury before coming to WWE as we all know he is an Olympic Gold Medalist. On multiple occasions, he wrestles with broken freaking neck. He also had a major knee injury, but he is still wrestling today in the independent circuit and may be next year he will join WWE.

1. Triple H


First position on our list of top ten most injured WWE wrestlers of all time is occupied by the GAME “Triple H”.His injury is some of the famous ones because they happened on live television. He had a Quadratus muscle injury in both of his legs. He also had a serious neck injury, which cause his retirement from wrestling, but not from the business.

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