Top 10 Most Popular Mythical Creatures

In our childhood, we loved to read many mythological stories and even liked some of that characters. But did you know, the actual stories behind this mysterious creature. In this article we are trying to explain in brief about some of the famous mythical animals. Just have a glance at this article to know the top 10 most popular mythical creatures. Hope you like and enjoy this article.

10. Phoenix


The tenth position on our list of top ten most popular mythical animals is acquired by “Phoenix “. This is one of the most popular mythical Fire-bird, associated with the Sun. This bird can be found in the mythology of Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian and Native American.

The life cycle of Phoenix is about 500 years and during its, this bird started building its nest with spices and aromatic boughs and then set it into the fire and turned herself to ashes. From the ash of old Phoenix, a new young Phonex or their eggs arrives, reborn to live again. You can see this phenomenon in “Harry Potter: Order of Phoenix”.

9. Centaur


Centaur is yet another mythological creature having the body and legs of a horse and head, torso and arms of human. Most of the Centaur is known for their wild and savage character except the wise Centaur Chiron. He was the only immortal Centaur, well known for its wisdom and goodness.

8. Mermaids


Mermaids are beautiful women who have fish tails as the lower half of their body, long hair and beautiful voice that can mesmerize and hypnotize any men who hear it. The earliest known mermaid legend came from ancient Assyria around 1000 B.C., where the Syrian goddess transformed herself into a fish out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover, but the powers there would not allow her to give up her beautiful beauty, so she kept her top half in human form and only her bottom half became a fish.

7. Leviathan


It is an unknown fact, either god created this biblical giant or Shaitan, but myths say god created both male and female, but destroyed the female in order to protect the planet Earth. The sea creature has glowing eyes and a horrible habit of destroying ships and eat human as its food. Some predict these creatures to be gigantic fish and some as a serpent, a crocodile or a marine mammal monster roaming on the sea.

6. Dragons


These fire breathing reptiles, existed in the tales since human existence, at least back 4000 years. Warriors find them as a source of inspiration to take up arms. For Chinese, dragons are the symbol of courage and heroism while some cultural belief finds a dragon gentle and wise.

5. Pegasus


The Greek mythical horse with white or golden wing is the son of Poseidon (The God of the Sea) and the monster Medusa. For centuries the paintings and sculptures of Pegasus remain popular among the artists and even today. It is said that the Zeus gifted a constellation for Pegasus upon his death.

4. Sirens


Beauty queen Siren was half woman and half bird with the ability to sing sweet songs that listeners forgets everything and die of hunger. These companions of Persephone also known as the muses of the lower world, were given wings by Demeter to search Persephone when she was abducted.

3. Hydra


Beast with poisonous blood and breath is a multi headed serpent living in Greek literature and poetry. According to Greek literature, Hercules “Hydra of Lerna”, it was impossible to win a battle with Hydra because when you cut off his heads, then after a while two more heads will grow back in that place.¬†After knowing this fact, Hercules develops a strategy and quickly burned the stump after chopping off one head, so a new one could not regenerate. He proceeded to unburden.

2. Sphinx


Existed in the Greek mythology, these creatures with the body of a lion and the head of human are associated with guardianship, hence kept at the entrance of the city. The Great Sphinx of Giza, which is one of the oldest Sphinx, guards the ancient tomb near the city of Cairo in Egypt. Creature fond of riddles. Forbid the entrance and immediately devour if anyone couldn’t solve the riddle given by him, hence is one of the most intellectual mythical characters.

1. Unicorn


First position on our list of top ten most popular mythical creatures is acquired by “Unicorn “. Popular as a symbol of purity and goodness and personification of untamed freedom, these enchanting creatures have been defined differently by a different culture. Spiral shaped horns of this creature make light dance across its body as the sun shines down upon it.

Associated with rainbow and fair medians, myths say these animals could be captured by maidens only in the forest. Most tales present this animal quite gentle and good thus have enchanted young and old across the globe and through the ages.

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