Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time


You may loved many superheroes during your childhood, but do you know who is the most powerful and strongest Superheroes of all time. Today we compiled a list of top 10 most powerful superheroes of all time according to the strength and stamina they possesses. Just have a glance at this article. Hope you like this post.

10. Wolverine


The tenth position on our list of top ten most powerful superheroes is acquired by one of the most loved mutant character “Wolverine”. He has magnificent bone claws made up of the rarest elements available in the earth “Adamantium”, which can hurt enemies till death. His main power is his super fast healing process that regenerates the damaged tissue of his body really very fast, which makes him invulnerable.

9. Wonder Woman


Next is one of the famous DC character named Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman. She is regarded as the most beautiful female character in fictional universe and more powerful than any other female superhero. She has a bulletproof bracelets, which can absorb incoming attacks and deflect weapon fire and energy blast. Her lasso of truth is indestructible, which will force to make others to tell the absolute truth.

8. Ironman


Next on our list is billionaire Tony Stark aka Ironman. He is one of the most loved Marvel character in today’s generation because this character is played by Hollywood’s most versatile actor Robert Downey. Jr in the Marvel movies. Ironman suit contains various gadgets and weapons made up of the latest technology. It has jets in his boots and fist, which helps him to fly swimmingly in the air and that too at a supersonic speed. With all those immense powers, the reason why he is not at the top of the list is his limited supply of energy which runs out in very crucial moments.

7. Green Lantern


Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern is the man with a green ring, which is considered as the “Most powerful weapon in the Universe”. With the help of this ring, he can travel through time, become invisible, generates any form of radiation and can create anything he imagine. His vulnerability lies in his will.

6. Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer manages the Cosmic Power which grants him a superhuman strength and the ability to occupy and control the universe’s ambient energy. He can travel in space and even time with the help of his surfboard.

5. Goku


Fifth position on our list of top 10 most powerful superheroes is occupied by “Goku”. He has many extraordinary capabilities like amazing superhuman strength and durability. He can also possess super speed and reflexes. He can exert strong and devastating concussive beams. He is the one who can destroy anything even the solar system. The strength of the GOKU is not just his outer strength, but his self control and continuous learning. He can move faster than any other superhero even The Flash.

4. Superman


“Man of Steel” aka Superman is regarded as the most famous superhero of all time. He is equipped with many great powers like flying with Superspeed, super strength, invulnerability to non-magical attacks, vision power (including X-ray, heat emitting, telescopic, infrared and microscopic vision), super hearing, super breath and super intelligence, which allows him to blow out air at freezing temperature, as well as exert the propulsive force of high speed winds. He could not make to number one spot because of its weakness to Kryptonite.

3. Hulk


Hulk is considered as the strongest person on this planet and often regarded as the “Incredible Hulk”. He possesses the immense muscular strength by which he can lift up to over 100 tons. He is invulnerable to any attacks as he is survived from gamma radiations. He is not in the top position because his power is uncontrollable the angrier he gets the more power he possess.

2. Dr. Manhatten


This superhero is made up of pure energy which can neither be created nor can destroy. He can control and influence matter, just like as almighty god. His only weakness is the loss of concentration and his knowledge of the universe, which takes him away from the number one spot.

1. Thor


First position on our list of top 10 most powerful superheros is grabbed by “The God of thunder” aka Thor. He possess a very high resistance to physical injury which makes him invulnerable. He fought gainst the entire frost giants army for continuous nine months without any rest. He has the ability to travel through time and also has the power to control light, wind, rain and storm and also uses a Super hammer named “Mjolnir” in order to focus his ability.

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  1. Of all the most powerful beings and entities within the Marvel and DC universes, who reigns supreme and who will fall short? It’s easy to get confused or even present an argument unlikely to be resolved due to the many adaptations, rebirths, and crossovers a character might go through.

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