Top 10 Most Shocking Photos Ever Taken

Photographs are the windows to our past. We click out our favorite moments to store and cherish them throughout our lives. But not all photos belong to happy and peaceful moments. Some photos are those, which, no doubt, are taken as a memory, but as a depressing one.

They say, “Photograph is worth a thousand word”

But these pictures definitely speak out…cry out…mourn out, more than thousand words.
(Not much explanation does this article requires. The photographs are enough to describe themselves.)
10 photos, 10 stories, one reaction – Shocking!. Here is the list of top 10 most shocking photos ever taken.

10. A walk over the Wara_walk_over_the_war

This picture explains the whole thing, which belong to Carolyn Cole (Times Photographer, Los Angeles). She clicked this scene during her assignment in Liberia. It shows the devastating after war effects of the Liberian Civil War. A sheet of bullet spread on the roads of Monrovia, which reflects how helpless life become after a battle with the destiny.

9. Thailand MassacreThailand-massacre

The October 6, 1976 Thammasity University Massacre, an attack on the Students who were demonstrating against Field Marshall Thanom Kittikachorn. Neal Ulevich came out with a series of photographs, that reflected the hardship and pain of this protest. This series got him the 1977 Pulitzer Prize.

8. Kosovo RefugeesKosovo-Refugees

This picture shows the transfer of Agim Shala, a two year old boy through a fence. It is not just a picture. It is a whole real story of the Kosovo Refugees. Carol Guzy, the first lady to get the Pulitzer prize, was again awarded with the same in 2000 for her amazing collection of photographs of the Refugees of Kosovo.

7. After the StormAfter-the-storm

The subject of the “After the Storm” photograph is a little boy trying to save a stroller, after a devastating storm Hanna stucking Hitai. Patrick Ferral clicked this picture and many other black and white stills, showing the effects of the storm at Hitai.

6. The World Trade Centre Tragedy 9/11The-World-Trade Centre-Tragedy

The picture depicts the second plane crash at the World Trade Centre, which boomed the building with globes of fire and filled the air with immense smoke and dust.

Not much description this picture by Steve Ludlum requires. The photograph is powerful enough to make this tragic moment reach every single heart in the world.

5. The Power of OneThe-Power-of-one

We all come across a common phrase many a times in our lives, that is “The one man army”.What if this time the MAN is a WOMAN?.

The picture was clicked by Oded Balilty, an Israeli photographer, who was present on the spot when, being ordered by the Israeli authorities, the place named Amona was forced into an evacuation. The photograph shows a sixteen year old Jewish settler who is trying to protest against the authorities. Though the picture looks more like an illusion or it might really be, but the theme it shows is clear… The Power of One.

4. After the TsunamiAfter-the-Tsunami

“After the Tsunami” by Arko Dutta illustrates a Tamilian women lying in front of her dead family member, stretching her hands and crying. The picture shows the aftermath of the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and is indeed heartbreaking. The picturization is so vivid that it makes the scene come into life in front of someone looking at the photograph.

3. Bhopal Gas TragedyBhopal_gas_tragedy

More than 26 years have passed, but the image of the mass killing of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy is still alive in the hearts if the people.

This wasn’t a murder right?
Then why am I denoting it with the term ‘killing’?
Well, this is because, maybe not directly, but it is the human mistakes and irresponsibility that had injured 558,125 and killed a mass of 15,000.

Lack of maintenance and safety procedures by the Union Carbide India Limited (Pesticide plant in Bhopal) lead to the leak of Methyl Isocyanate and some other chemicals which triggered a vast environmental and human disaster. This picture by Pablo Bartholomew shows the burying of a child after the gas tragedy. This photograph was circulated all over the globe and moved the hearts of millions.

2. Operation Lion HeartOperation-lion-heart

The subject for the photograph series named “Open heart surgery” is a nine year old survivor of an explosion of the Iraq War. Many life and death surgery came to him, which he successfully fought with. His strong will and determination to fight against death gave him the nickname “The Lion Heart”.

Deanne Fitzmaurice is the photographer who clicked this photograph of the Lion Heart. This photographic essay made him win the Pulitzer Prize award in the year 2005.

1. Tragedy of Omyara SanchezTragedy-of-Omyara-Sanchez

The above picture illustrates a survivor of the Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano eruption, that triggered a mudslide which trapped within it many lives.

-Clicked by Frank Fourier.

No doubt this image is the most shocking one for it shows the struggle of life with the angry nature.
It shows how, the so called, most powerful creatures in the earth, become helpless in front of the nature.

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