Top 10 Most Strongest Militaries in the World


“We, as people, lay peacefully every night in our soft beds because of the rough men who fight there, in the battlefield for protecting our sound sleep.”

Every nation is known for its Military. The strength and power of any country are reflected by the army and military it has. The globe today has its own list of the most powerful militaries. The Global Fireworks has declared the list with accordance to 68 countries and their power-features like air power, human force, land power, area covered and some more factors.

Here is the list of top 10 most strongest militaries in the world:

10. Brazil


At the 10th position, but nowhere less powerful than the others, comes the Brazilian Military. The Military of Brazil has a power index of 0.6912 and is well equipped with a total of 822 aircrafts. Also, it has 104,700,000 number of labor forces and 371,199 active military personnel, always ready to destroy anybody who comes to harm the country. The defense budget of Brazil is around $31,576,000,000 and its total naval strength is 106, making it one of the strongest militaries in the world.

9. Italy


293,202 of active military personnel, 0.6838 power index, 25,080,000 labour force, 770 aircrafts and 179 naval strength makes Italy the 9th Most powerful Country in the world. Also, its Military has a budget of $31,946,000,000.

8. South Korea


South Korea, having a defense budget of $28,280,000,000, comes in the eighth position in this scale. The Military has 0.6547 power index and a total of 653,000 active military personnel. The units of labour force, total number of aircrafts and naval strength goes 25,100,000, 871 and 190 respectively.

7. Germany


With a power index of 0.6491 and a budget of more than $43,400,000,000, the German Military holds the seventh position in the list of top 10 most strongest militaries in the world. It has more than 148,000 active military personnel and labour force of over 43,600,000.

6. France


France has the sixth most powerful Military in the world with a power index of 0.6163. Its defence budget is $58,244,000,000 and has a total of 362,485 active military personnel. The labour force in France is more than 29,600,000 and it has and total naval strength of over 29,500,000.The total number of aircrafts the military has is 180.

5. United Kingdom


The United Kingdom has the 5th most powerful military with a 0.5185 power index. Out of 64,716,000 of the total UK’s population, 224,500 are active military personnel and 31,720,000 are the labour force. The UK has a defense Budget of more than $55,800,000,000 and over 1,400 aircrafts. Also, it has total Naval strength of 1,412.

4. India


India with more than 1,300,000 active military personnel stands 4th in the list of top 10 most powerful militaries in the world. India has 0.4346 of power Index, more than $44,000,000,000 of defence Budget and over 480,000,000 of the labour force. Adding to it is its total number of aircraft, which is 1,962 in numbers and total naval strength, that is 170.

3. China


China has the strongest military and has a power Index of 0.3351 and over 2,280,000 active military personnel. The Chinese military has a defense budget of more than $129,000,000,000 and a labour force of over 795,000,000. Other than that it has 5,048 aircrafts and a total naval strength of 972.

2. Russia


With the power index of 0.2618, Russia stand at second in the list of top 10 most strongest militaries in the world. Russia has a defense budget of $64,000,000,000 and has labour force of over 75,300,000. Other than this, it has 1,200,000 active military personnel and also 4498 aircrafts along with 224 naval strength.

1. United States


The US is considered the most powerful country in the world because of the military it has.The United States military has the defence budget of more than $689,500,000,000 and power index of 0.2475. US has more than 1,477,000 active military personnel and labour force of over 150,000,000.

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