Top 10 Most Unusual Schools in the World


The typical view that we all have come through is a normal building with boards and chalks, desks and benches, the same syllabus, common learning, children moving in with bags and bottles, studying, playing and laughing.
Schools are this way, right? Not really!

What if I say, we have a list of schools that are really DIFFERENT from the traditional and typical schools that we have been in our childhood. So, here’s the top 10 list of the most unusual schools in the World.

10. Dongzhong Mid-cave Primary School

Tenth position on our list of most unusual school is acquired by “Dongzhong Mid-cave Primary School”. This Chinese school is located in the mountainous region of Guizhou, named as Village Miao. Not surprisingly, the word Dongzhong means ‘in cave’ which tells about its location.

This is no creativity. The school is set up in the caves due to the helplessness of the Village to set up a proper school in 1986 with 186 students. But after 23 years, this school was set to close by the Chinese government.

9. The Boat Schools of Bangladesh

Bangladesh experiences flood twice a year. This leaves its citizens without proper drinking water, homes and electricity. Again, it brings no way for the schools to keep their doors open. In this case the schools, healthcare institutions and homes shift themselves to boats. Shidhulai Swanirvar, a not profit organization made all this possible.

This organization runs about 100 boat schools with fully equipped with solar power and laptop computers that provides good education to the children. These boats pick the children from their homes, duck somewhere midstream and run their school. After its set up in 2002, more than 70,000 students have got benefited from this facility.
Amazing, right?

8. The Train Platform Schools, India

The Ruchika School Social Service Organization (RSSO) helped many homeless, poor children get a good education. This was possible with the help of Inderjeet Khurana, a school teacher at Odisha who had witnessed these children begging at stations, and always wanted to help them out in some way.

Hence, she came up with the idea of RSSO’s Train Platform School in 1985. More than 4,000 children all over India have got education through this program. These children gather between train stops and learn many things, from reading, writing to reciting things with the help of field trips, music, drama, etc.
Noble deed!!!

7. Abo Elementary School

During a cold war in the US, a place named Artesia felt that it would be attacked, and for this this town decided to make underground shelters for the settlement of its citizens. One of such shelter was later used as an elementary school named Abo.

The whole classes run under the ground, which is equipped with anti contamination pipes and proper ventilators. This school had its playground on its roof. Awesome!
But unfortunately this school was closed in 1995 due to increasing maintenance costs.

6. Gulu Elementary School

The specialty of this school is its location. The Gulu Elementary school is located in the sharp mountainous place in Hunyuan Country, Sichuan Province, China. A place where, even reaching is next to impossible, a person named Shen QuiJun made it possible for the children to get educated.

Before Shen reached the village, the school was in a very pitiful condition. It is his hard work and skill that made the village school worth praising.

5. Harvey Milk High School

Harvey Milk was a famous Gay Rights activist in New York. This particular school is named after him, which makes its motive clear, that it was set up in order to provide education to the ‘controversial’ parts of the society, the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, Transgenders etc., whom the society has discriminated and eliminated.
(1985- establishment and in 2003- diplomas, made official)
The school says that it is open for all!!
Fighting against many anti-gay organizations, this school has made itself established in the NY.

4. Trabajo Ya

There are many Countries in the world which legalizes prostitution. One of those Countries is Spain. Surveys claim that there are more than 500,000 prostitutes in the Country.
What would amaze you is a school, named ‘Trabajo Ya’ which is set up for “a basic course for professional prostitution”. Yes, that’s true.

This School even has its own ad for helping people call and inquire for admission. The training lasts for one week. At the end of classes it also ensures 100% placement!!! Instant job after training.
Many legal issues captured this school, but fortunately this school still runs.

3. The Philadelphia School of Future

The Philadelphia School of Future is being just an example of the ‘rapidly advancing technology’. This school has computerized smart boards in the place of blackboards, e-books in the place of books and the lockers and other locks of this school is unlocked with the help of I-cards.
Though the school had to tackle many problems related to lack to the advancement of children and even teachers in the part of computers and technology, but subsequently, these problems got solved.
This school runs from 9 am to 4 pm.
Luckily enough, this school has yet got a good success.

2 . Brooklyn Free School

We all wanted to go to a school where we have no restrictions on classes, no punishment on bunks, no pressure of studies, no exams…no such things!! What if I say, this dream school actually exists?
Yes! The Brooklyn Free School gives you same opportunities that you see in the school of your dream. They have no restriction on classes. One can any class he/she want to attend, or just leave it for anything else, or even take a nap if not wanting to study.

They don’t even have exams and interestingly enough, they have no rules made by the teachers.
The students themselves make the rules!!!. Gosh… Why didn’t I get to go to this School??? (Sigh)

Anyway, its natural that the School had to go through many problems due to its liberalization in management. But it still manages to run itself. They have got their students divided in two groups based on age groups. Children at the age of 4-11 in one group and 11- 18 in the other. There is no proper curriculum, the students are free to opt any subject they want.

1. Witch School

First position on our list of top 10 most unusual school is acquired by “Witch School”. Who hasn’t wished of becoming a Witch after watching Harry Potter!! Here’s a school, which, undoubtedly isn’t like Hogwarts but teaches the same concept of Witchcraft. More than 40,000 students are said to be enrolled in the School worldwide online, and many gave chosen the physical part, ie, schooling at Rosville, Chicago. This school was then shifted to Salem, Massachusetts, where many trials and executions took place between 1692 to 1693 with about 200 people accused of Witchcraft.

The shifting was made because of religious reasons and protests. Salem was chosen for its fact of being Witch-friendly, as it has its own Witch Community.

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