Top 10 Most used Urdu Words in Bollywood Songs


Bollywood, since its beginning, has used lots of languages to beautify itself. Bollywood is known for its songs which in themselves are a bunch of multi-linguistic words, beautifully held together to enhance its charm. Urdu is one such language which happens to be the most charming language in the world. It can be undoubtedly said that Urdu is the gem of Bollywood songs.

Here is the list of top 10 most used Urdu words in Bollywood songs.

10. TANHAA (solitary)


Loneliness or solitary is what the Urdu word ‘tanha’ means. Tanha has both positive and negative form of it. Bollywood songs being ‘Love and feelings’ based, mostly use the negative or the gloomy form of it, to show the separation of loved ones or something very close to heart. Like in the song “tanhaai tanhaai, milo hai faili hui tanhaai” from the movie Dil Chahta Hai (2001).

9. JUNOON (passion)


Junoon or passion is what drives a man towards its goal. Where there is an aim, there lies the need of passion to achieve it. Bollywood songs too, have the presence of “junoon” in it. Like in the song “Hai junoon” from New York (2009).

8. KHAAS (special)


Being special (khaas) is what everyone wants, may it be in terms of money, power, or even in relationships. Songs are that Special way of expression of Special feelings. Bollywood songs, by the use of Hindi and Urdu words reflects the same theme of ‘being special’. For example, In Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, “kuch khaas hai”.

7. DARD (pain)


‘Where there is love, there is pain.’ Starting from the beginning of the romantic era, pain is shown coming hand in hand with love. May is being Wordsworth or Keats, every admirer of love has expressed pain with it. Bollywood songs, being the latest version of expression of feelings in the Indian industry, yet again brings out the same theme in it. Like in, “Dard dilon ke kam ho jaate” from The Xpose (2014).

6. ASHIQ (lover)


May it be shayari or bollywood songs, ‘ashiq’ are the protagonist of every story of love? The reference of ashiq or lover is the primary point in bollywood songs too. As in, “Ashiq banaya aapne” by Himesh Reshamiya (2005).

5. LAFZ (words)


Words/lafz is a vehicle for the expression of feelings. Words are what the world of speech is made of. Words are what people one and more are referred with. Words are what I (being the writer) and you (being the reader) are using to communicate.
Music too has “words” as its key feature and songs are the most delicate and beautiful version of the use of words. Bollywood industry expresses this importance of words/lafz in its songs. Like in “Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani” from The Great Gambler (1979)

4. MOHABBAT (love)


The world moves with love and it is one of the most beautiful feelings of the world. Hundred speakers, hundred ways of explaining love, but music is the best possible way to express it.

“Love is music and music is love”

Mohabbat is an Urdu term of the word – love and is highly used in Bollywood songs. As in, one of the top rated songs of songs by Arjit Singh “Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aya hai” (2014). Or in the song “Mohabbat dil ka sakoon hai aitbaar” from Dil Hai Tumhara.

3. DUAA (prayer)


Prayer is not asking, it is longing of the soul says Mahatma Gandhi. God is said to be the creator of the world and is established as a constant since the very beginning of the universe, and, prayer or dua (Urdu) is said to be the way to connect to that supreme power. Bollywood too shows the very theme of worship and supremacy in its songs with the use of words like dua. Like in – “Jo bheji thi duaa” from Shanghai (2012)

2. NAADAN (innocent)


“Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends” says Robert South.
Innocence is said to be another synonym of Love and Love is said to be the basic theme of Bollywood movies. Hence the Hindi Bollywood industry uses the Urdu version of the word ‘innocence’- naadan. Like in, “oh naadan parindey ghar aaja” in Rockstar (2011).
“Aye dil-e-naadan, aarzo kya hai justajoo kya hai” from Razia sultaan shows the Retro stage of Bollywood songs and the use of Urdu words in it. This is yet another example of the use of term ‘naadan’

1. Khat (letter)


The term ‘khat’ literally reflects a piece of paper having something written on it, which is to be sent from one person to another; but on its internal part, it is something which not only carries the words, but also the feelings and emotions of the writer to their close ones and gives the sense of their presence. Bollywood too uses this term to express themes like love and pathos and even bravery. Like in, “Likhe jo khat tujhe… Wo teri yaad main” from Kanyadan (1969).

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