Top 10 Most Popular Superheroes of All Time


Whether you’re a child or adult, there are some superheroes or list of superheroes who make a great impression in your mind. They are loved and appreciated by you all the time. In this article, we give you top 10 most popular superheroes of all time. Just have a glance at this article to find out more about your favorite superheroes.

10. Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a DC character and a full time member of Justic League. Green Lantern Aka Hal Jordon becomes an agent of an interstellar law enforcement agency known as the Green Lantern Corp. The Corp provided a powerful ring and a Lantern (Power Source) to Hal Jordon, which works completely on will power, ‘The more the will power, the stronger the ring power’.


There are many intergalactic guardians that fight with pure will power manifested in physical form. The First Green Lantern made his appearance in 1940’s All American Comics No.16 as Allan Scott.

9. Thor


Next on our list is Marvel’s character ‘The God of Thunder’ and Son of Odin “Thor”. He was first appeared in 1962 comics ‘Journey into Mystery No. 83’. The Hammer Wielding Royal Immortal defends earth from the threats caused by his half brother Loki.

8. The Hulk


This massive green smashing machine is one of the most popular Marvel’s characters. The Hulk made his debut in 1962 ‘Incredible Hulk No.1’. Bruce Banner Aka Hulk is a scientist and was exposed to the gamma radiation during an experiment.

This radiation makes Bruce Banner a green monster, who is always in a bad mood having limitless strength and unquenchable desire to destroy everything who comes in his path.

7. Captain America


Captain America Aka Steve Rogers was a soldier during World War II, who was enhanced with super soldier serum. This Marvel character was first seen in 1941 ‘Captain America Comics No.1’.

He is known for his invincible shield (made of rare metal named Vibranium) and distinctive head gear. His military experience helped him to lead the superhero team “The Avengers”.

6. Wolverine


There are countless fantastic X-Men heroes, but this guy is straight up badass and probably the coolest X-Men ever. Iconic, popular and unapologetic, this Canadian named Logan Aka Wolverine slice anyone into pieces in no time.

He made his debut in 1974 ‘The Incredible No.181’, this regenerating immortal with retractable Adamantium razor sharp claws and wolf-like senses give him so much strength to defeat his opponent. His unshaven look and cool persona give him so much popularity in years.

5. Superman


Fifth position on our list of top ten popular superheroes is acquired by Clark Kent Aka Superman. He is the man from another planet, this difference gives him great strength in planet Earth.

He can fly around the city in order to fight crime and he also project a laser beam from his eyes, which can destroy his enemies in just a second. He is the first superhero whose only weakness is Kryptonite stone from his planet.

4. Iron Man


Iron man is Marvel answer to DC’s Batman character, this billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist made his debut in 1963 ‘Tales of Suspense No.39’. Tony started as a weapon manufacturer in Stark Industries, but was kidnapped by a group of terrorist because they want Tony to build a missile for them. Instead, Tony built a suit from scrap which later upgraded as Iron Man.

3. The Flash


Next on our list is another DC’s Superhero The Flash, who was first appeared in 1940. Barry Allen Aka The Flash is a forensic scientist and a detective in Central City Police, who was struck by lightning.

After that incident, he got a tremendous power of Superspeed which helps him to time travel and prevent his enemy’s cruel plans.

2. Spider-Man


Spider-Man debut in 1962 ‘The Amazing Fantasy No.15’, a radioactive bite gave a small town boy named Peter Parker an immense strength and agility like a spider. He swings and crawls in the New York city to avoid any sort of criminal activity.

1. Batman


First position on our list of top 10 most popular superheroes of all time is grabbed by none other than DC’s Batman. This character debut in 1939 Detective Comics No. 27, who is an owner of billion dollar company ‘Wayne Enterprise’ and at the same time he is dark compelling and complex superhero named Batman.

Despite the fact that he has no superpowers, he is a masterful detective, a martial art expert and technical genius.

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