Top 10 Real Life WWE Enemies of All Time


Do you want to know about the greatest WWE enemies of all time? In this article, we are compiling a list of top 10 real life enemies in the World Wrestling Entertainment. These WWE Wrestlers are known for their feuds against each other for decades. Just have a glance at this post to know more about these superstars.

10. Alberto Del Rio & Sin Cara


Tenth position on our list is grabbed by Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara. Both of these Mexican wrestlers didn’t get along much with each other. The two of them are known for their rivalry in the ring as well as in the backstage.

9. Randy Orton & Mr. Kennedy


Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy possess one of the fight related clashes in their career start. Although Kennedy had a good start to his career, but injury helps in ending his career quickly. Apart from injury, he also had a rage against Randy Orton, as there was a Tag Match where Kennedy dropped Orton harder than he expected.

Due to which, Randy reported this issue to the authority. Though authority didn’t take any action against Mr. Kennedy, but this started an unfinished rivalry between these two wrestlers.

8. Chris Jericho & Tazz


Chris Jericho developed a hatred for Tazz in real life because of the Tazz’s podcast. Samoa Joe a famous TNA wrestler was once came for an interview for both Jericho’s and Tazz’s podcast.

But Jericho claims that Samoa comes first to his show rather than Tazz’s podcast. This caused a cold war between these two wrestlers.

7. Triple H & CM Punk


Triple H & CM Punk never saw eye to eye, they both hated each other like greatest enemies. Triple H didn’t like the way CM Punk carries himself. This cause a real life feud against both of these superstars.

Seeing the behavior of Triple H, Punk demands an apology, which The Game refuses to give. This might be one of the reasons of CM Punk’s retirement.

6. CM Punk & Jeff Hardy


Sixth position on our list of top ten Real life WWE enemies is occupied by CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. They are known as the greatest WWE performer in the ring and on the Mic.

CM Punk always hated Jeff because of his medical issue and I guess you people already know about Jeff Hardy medical conditions ! This is the reason why Punk avoided Jeff Hardy where ever he could.

5. Goldberg & Triple H


Both Bill Goldberg and Triple H are the most celebrated wrestlers in WWE History and they really hate each other in real life. The rage of hatred between them is so bad that they don’t even want to see each other face.

Once Triple H stated that Goldberg has no respect not passion for this wrestling business and he is not at all a Hall of Fame worthy wrestler. Obviously Goldberg didn’t appreciate these harsh words and describe HHH and his politics, as the main reason of his shattered success and WWE retirement.

4. Stephanie McMahon & Chyna


There is a love triangle which includes Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Chyna. These two ladies fight over Triple H, not just in a ring but also in a real life. Triple H is dating Chyna at first, however, he dumped Chyna after meeting the WWE Chairman’s daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Seeing all this, Chyna accused Stephanie to befriend his boyfriend. This feud causes Chyna to kick out from the WWE, after all she tries to argue the Boss’s daughter.

3. Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were used to be great friends but they face a rough time in their life because of a woman. These duos known as the Mega Powers and they developed a hatred towards each other. The reason behind this rage is a love triangle, which includes hogan, randy and his wife Miss Elizabeth.

Savage is overly protected to his wife and didn’t like her gesture towards his best friend. But before the death of Randy, these duo superstars kept their difference aside and became friends once again.

2. Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels


Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels are the greatest WWF wrestlers of the New generation era. They always entertain their fans with some of the greatest matches which include the unbelievable 60 minutes Iron Man Match.

It is a love affair of Shawn Michaels with Sunny, which results a real life fight between these two superstars. Bret kept himself away from the industry because of his injury. But when he came in 2010, then both Shawn and Bret wipe out their differences and became friends once again.

1. Edge & Matt Hardy


First position on our list of Top 10 Real life WWE Enemies is acquired by Matt Hardy and Edge. There was one of the most real life hatred between both of these superstars and it is all because love.

Matt Hardy loves Lita, but Lita betrayed him because of Edge, as Edge was more popular than Matt at that time. This cause Matt to became violent against Edge and due to this behavior of Matt, WWE kicked him out from the company.

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