Top 10 Salaries of Anupamaa Cast


Do you want to know about the salaries of your favorite tv serial “Anupamaa” cast? Anupamaa is one of the most popular family drama serial produced by Director’s Kut Productions and telecasted in Hotstar and Star Plus. Today we are presenting you the list of top 10 salaries of Anupamaa cast.

This serial revolves around the story of a typical Indian housewife. Just have a glance at this article to know more about your favorite characters.

10. Jasveer Kaur – Rs.30,000 per day


Jasveer Kaur aka Devika is playing the role of Anupamaa’s childhood friend. She is the one who warns Anupamaa about the extra-marital affair of her husband with Kavya. Her per day income in this serial is Rs.30,000.

9. Alpana Buch – Rs.30,000/day


Alpana Buch aka Manorama Shah is playing the role of Vanraj’s mother. Initially, she used to dislike Anupamaa but when she came to know about his son’s affair then she starts to support his daughter-in-law Anupamaa.

8. Arvind Vaidya – Rs.35,000/day


Arvind Vaidya aka Jayesh Shah who is playing the role of Vanraj’s father. He always supports his daughter-in-law Anupamaa and his per-day salary in this show is Rs.35,000.

7. Ekta Saraiya – Rs.35,000


Ekta Saraiya aka Varsha “Dolly” Shah is playing the role of Vanraj’s sister. She is portraying the role of typical working women.

6. Muskan Bamne- Rs.40,000/day


Muskan Bamne aka Pakhi “Sweety” Shah, is playing a negative role of Anupamaa and Vanraj’s daughter who always humiliates her mother for being a housewife.

5. Ashish Mehrotra – Rs.45,000/day

Fifth position on our list of top ten salaries of Anupamaa cast is acquired by Vanraj and Anupamaa’s elder son named Paritosh Shah aka Toshu Shah. He also humiliates his mother for being a simple housewife but later he realises his mother’s worth when she helps him to fix his marriage with Kinjal.

4. Paras Kalnawat – Rs.45,000/day

Paras Kalnawat aka Samar Shah is playing the role of Anupamaa’s younger son. He always supports his mother and also has a soft corner for his friend Nandani. His per day earning in this show is Rs.45000.

3. Madalsa Sharma – Rs.50,000/day

Madalsa Sharma aka Kavya Gandhi is playing the role of Vanraj’s office colleague and girlfriend. After she got separated from his ex-husband Anirudh, she started an affair with his collegue Vanraj. Her per day earning is Rs.50000.

2. Sudhanshu Pandey – Rs.60,000/day


Next on our list is Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj Shah played by Sudhanshu Pandey. He is having extra-marital affair with Kavya and cheating on his wife Anupamaa. His per day income is Rs.60000.

1. Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa Zaveri- Rs.65,000/ day

First position on our list of top 10 salaries of Anupamaa is grabbed by none other than Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa Shah. She is playing a simple housewife character of Vanraj’s wife and Paritosh, Pakhi and Samar mother. His ‘Anupamaa salary’ per episode earning is about Rs.65000.

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