Top 10 Salaries of Jijaji Chatt Par Hain Cast


Do you want to know the salaries of Jijaji Chatt Par Hain star cast? Great, we all love Indian Sitecom specially all the comedy genre shows which is telecast on SAB Television. One of such tv serial which is able to grab all of our household attention is “Jijaji Chatt Par Hain”.

This sitcom portrays a day to day funny incident between different characters and a mystique love angle between Elaichi and Pancham. Just have a glance at this article to know more about these characters.


10. Mangli Lal: Rs.10000/day

Saheb Das Manikpuri

Mangli Lal is a police constable character played by Mr. Saheb Das Manikpuri. This constable always make funny jokes by mocking his senior inspector Daroga Pinky. Saheb Das Manikpuri per day salary is Rs.15000.

9. Inspector Daroga Pinky: Rs.20000/day


Next on our list is the role of Inspector Daroga Pinky which is played by Naveen Bawa. This small character is always doing household stuff in his duty hour. His famous phrase is “Pinkyji Pooch rhe hain”.

8. Mama: Rs.20000/day


Firoz Khan is known as duplicate Amitabh Bachchan. In this tv serial, he is playing a role of Elaichi’s Mama. A witty person who always disturb his Jija aka Murari Bansal.

7. Sunita: Rs.22000/day


Raashi Bawa Aka Sunita is a sweet and innocent school friend of Elaichi. She loves taking selfies and had a secret crush on Pintu/ Pintu Bhabhi. Her per day income is Rs.22000/day.

His famous phrase is “EILU SELFIE” and in return Pintu bhabhi says “Haan Lelo Lelo”.

6. Karuna Bansal: Rs. 25000/day


Next on our list is Soma Rathod, who is playing a character of a Murari’s wife named as Karuna Bansal. Murari’s wife is very innocent and down to earth lady. She always takes care of his family as well as his witty brother.

5. Chote: Rs.25000/day


Fifth position on our list of top ten salaries of Jijaji Chatt Par Hain cast is grabbed by none other than “Yogesh Tripathi”. In this tv serial, he is playing a role of Barber with the power of special body breaking massage. Murari is a regular customer of his Hair cutting shop.

4. Pintu Bhabhi: Rs. 25000/day


In this sitcom, Harveer Singh is playing a role of Pintu as well as Pintu Bhabhi (Pancham’s Wife). He is a friend of Pancham and secretly loves Elaichi’s school friend Sunita.

3. Murari Bansal: Rs. 30000/day


Anup Upadhyay is one of the most versatile actors in this star cast. In this serial he portrays a role of Elaichi’s father, who owns a Lehnga Shop. Pancham is a store incharge in his shop as well as a tenant (Kirayedaar) in his house.

2. Elaichi Bansal: 35000/ day


Next on our list is the female lead of this tv serial “Hiba Nawab” Aka Elaichi. She is a daughter of Murari and a love interest of almost every youth of her town. She is a school girl, who secretly loves his Jijaji Aka Pancham. His famous phrase is “JIJAJI CHATT PAR HAIN”.

1. Pancham: 40000/ day


First position on our list is acquired by Nikhil Khurana Aka Pancham. He is a small town boy, who came to Chandni Chowk (Delhi) in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful music director.

He is a tenant in the Murari house and in doing so he made his friend Pintu as his fake wife to get a room and a job.

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