Top 10 Shoe Brands in India

Top 10 Shoe Brands in India

Shoe is an important part of a person’s wardrobe as it gives a complete look. Wearing a good pair of shoes on an important occasion can give a person an extra edge over others.

Whether its a party, holiday trip or an office presentation, a pair of comfortable shoes is always needed. Shoes comes in a wide variety that include formal shoes, sports shoes, canvas shoes, loafers, boots, sneaker shoes etc.

There are many shoe brands present in the country that offer a wide variety of shoes. To know the leading players of this segment, checkout the list of top 10 shoe brands in India:

10. Mochi


Mochi is a swiftly growing shoe brand in India, which was incepted in the year 2000. Within a short span of time, Mochi has grown into a popular shoe brand and presently has reach in more than 35 cities in the country.

Uniqueness and quality are some of the features of shoes offered by this brand. Formal shoes, Casual shoes, Sandals and boots are some of the products offered by Mochi.

9. Liberty


Started in the year 1954, Liberty is a leading footwear brand and occupied ninth spot in the list of top 10 shoe brands in India. The company offer different types footwear through many brands like Windsor, Gliders, Fortune, etc.

It has a strong presence in the country and sells its products through more than 6,300 outlets and showrooms.

8. Metro

Metro Shoes

Metro is an Indian footwear brand that was started in the year 1947. With a presence in more than 80 cities in the country, Metro is presently among the most popular shoe brand and offer quality shoes at optimum prices.

7. Fila


Fila is one of the preferred footwear brand and grabbed seventh place in the list of top 10 shoe brands in India. Started in the year 1911, Fila is among the leading sportswear manufacturing companies in the world. It manufactures high quality shoes, apparels and other sports accessories.

6. Bata


Bata is a popular shoe brand that offer durable and quality footwear products. It offer more than 1,500 footwear designs through a strong network of 31,000 dealers and outlets.

5. Woodland


Woodland is a shoe brand that known for making rough and tough shoes, capable of dealing extreme weather and conditions. Owned by the Aero Group, Woodland makes shoes that are a perfect combination of durability and style.

4. Reebok


Owned by Adidas, Reebok is another strong player in the Indian footwear industry. It offer a wide range of premier quality sports shoes at optimum prices.

3. Puma


Puma is another German multinational company in this list, which is known worldwide for making premier quality shoes, apparels, jackets and other accessories. Incorporated in the year 1924, Puma is presently one of the most popular shoe brand worldwide and its products are sold in more than 120 countries across the globe.

2. Adidas


Adidas is another popular shoe brand in the country and stand at number two in the list of top 10 shoe brands in India. Founded in 1924, Adidas is a German multinational company that manufacture shoes, apparels and other accessories.

Innovation and quality are some of the features, which are found in shoes made by the company.  The company offer different type of shoes that include running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes, etc.

1. Nike


When its about shoes the first name that comes in mind is Nike. Nike is the indisputable leader of the footwear segment and the most popular shoe brand in India.

Incorporated in the year 1964, Nike is an American multination company that make footwear, apparels and other accessories. The company sells shoes under the brand name of Nike, Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Air Max and many other.

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