Top 10 Shortest WWE Championship Reigns of All time


Do you want to know, which wrestler had the shortest WWE Championship reigns in the History of World Wrestling Entertainment. Today we are compiling a list of top 10 Shortest WWE Championship title reign of all time.

Some of these Superstars won WWE Championship for more than 10 times but some of their victory is of short time period. Just have a glance at this article to know more about this topic.

10. Batista: 2 days


In the June 7, 2009 at Extreme Rules, Dave Batista defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship title. But after 2 days, he had a bicep torn due to which he vacates his WWE Championship and was out of action for around 4 months.

9. Mankind/Bret Hart/Kane: 1 day

Bret_HartNext on our list is not one, but three WWE Superstars who had a misfortune of one day title reign. In February 16, 1997, Bret Hart won his 4th WWE Championship and on the next day he lost his title to Sycho Sid.

mankindIn the same way on Kane won his WWE Championship against Stone Cold at King of the Ring, 1998. But on the next day he lost his title to Stone Cold because of his rematch demand.kane

At SummerSlam 1999, Mankind also won his 4th title shot against Triple H and Stone Cold. But on the next day, he defends his title against “The Game” Triple H and eventually he lost his Championship.

8. Daniel Bryan: 22 hours


On September 15, 2013 at Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan defeated the Legend Killer “Randy Orton” and became 2nd time WWE Champion. But in just 22 hours, Triple H being the Chief Operating Officer of the company announces that the winning pinfall was fast counted by the referee. So, Bryan had vacant his winning title.

7. Triple H: 2 hours


At No Mercy 2007, Triple H won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton and then later on that night he defend his title against Umaga and again retain his Championship title.

But after that, Randy Orton revokes his power to rematch against Triple H in a last man standing match. Finally, Triple H lost his WWE Championship title after a fight of 20 minutes.

6. Rey Mysterio: 1 hour


In the year 2011, when CM Punk walked out of the WWE and vacant his Championship title, then Rey Myseterio fought against The Miz and won his first WWE Championship. In the next hour, John Cena challenges Rey Myseterio and won his lost WWE Championship.

5. Randy Orton: 22 minutes, 55 seconds


Fifth position on our list of top ten shortest WWE Championship title reigns of all time is occupied by the Viper “Randy Orton”. This is the case of No Mercy 2007, where Orton loses his Championship against Triple H and after 22 minutes, 55 seconds he regain his Championship title because of rematch clause.

4. Daniel Bryan: 4 minutes, 7 seconds


On August 18, 2013 at SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena for WWE Championship with Triple H as the special guest referee. As soon as Bryan won his championship, Randy Orton hop in an cash his money in the bank briefcase and won the WWE Championship.

3. John Cena: 3 minutes, 33 seconds


At Elimination Chamber 2010, John Cena won his 8th WWE Championship against Triple H. But after a while, Mr. McMahon came and gave Batista a title shot. Batista then throws his powerful Batista Bomb and Knock out John Cena and won the Championship.

2. Yokozuna: 2 minutes, 6 seconds


At WrestleMania IX, Yokozuna won his first WWE Championship after defeating Bret Hart with the help of Mr. Fuji. Watching all this dirty trick of Mr. Fuji, Hulk Hogan came out and fought against Yokozuna and won his 5th WWE Championship.

1. Andre the Giant: 1 minute, 48 seconds


On February 5, 1988, Hulk Hogan lost his Championship against Andre the Giant. After that, Andre gave his title to Ted DiBiase and after a while it was found that the referee was fraud which result Andre the Giant to vacate his title.

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