Top 10 Smallest Animals in the World

Are you looking for the smallest animals in the world?. Great, for all the animal lovers out there, Here’s a treat for you. Animals are cute. But don’t you like the miniatures of those favorite animals of yours. They are cuter, isn’t it?

What if you get the living version of those miniatures. The fact is, such small animals really exist. From dogs to snakes, to even monkeys, the nature has got for you the tiniest, cutest gifts ever. Here is the list of top 10 smallest animals in the world.

10. World’s Smallest Hamster


Peewee, which is slightly bigger than a Rs 2 coin is the World’s Smallest Hamster. It was born in 2003 with five siblings.The rest of its siblings grew a bit larger (4-5 inches) , but Peewee grew only till 2-3 weeks of its birth to be hardly of 0.9 inch. According to its owner, Peewee is a ‘small animal with a bit attitude’. It stays bossy with others and looks for luxury and comfort at its first priority.

9. World’s Smallest Bird


The Mellisuga Helenae, called as The Bee Humming Bird, is regarded as the World’s Smallest Bird. It is also the World’s Smallest warm blooded vertebrate. Found mostly in Cuba, it is also known as the Cuba bird. Having a length of 5.7 cms, this bird eats half and drinks eight times of its body mass. Its total body mass being 1.8 grams. You might not be able to see its wings while its flying as this bird flips its wings 90 times per second.

8. World’s Smallest Rabbit


Named as Pygmy Rabbit, the Brachylagus Idahoensis is the World’s Smallest Rabbit. You can find this animal in the North America. Hold them in your hands and you’ll realize that they are really..really light weighted (hardly 400 gm). Again, the females are not recorded as the smallest ones, as they are a bit larger in size than the male ones, which are 24-29 cm in length. These animals feel protected in the deep soil and tall dense sagebrush where they stay protected from the larger animals.

7. World’s Smallest Pig


Next in our list is the smallest pig in the world which is Miniature Pig. The height of the fully grown potbellied pig is around 16-26 inches. They often used in the medical field for research purposes. Keep them with your tea cup and they’ll look like a cute, tiny decorative item in your home.

6. World’s Smallest Monkey


Having a weight of 110-140 grams, the pygmy marmoset, is recorded as being the Smallest Monkey species in the world. These hardly grow to be of 15 cm in length. Their home is the Amazon Rain Forest, where they are seen leaping and jumping here and there, showing their cute shows. These little animals have sharp teeth and claws. Beware!!! They might not hesitate scratching your face if they don’t like you much.

5. World’s Smallest Chameleon


Brookesia Minima is the World’s Smallest Chameleon species. This little animal is hardly half an inch (around 0.5inches) and found in Nosy Be Island, on its rain forest floor, which lies on the northwestern coast of Madagascar. The title of being the smallest Chameleon is held by male of this species, as females are a bit larger in size.

4. World’s Smallest Cattle


Vechur Cow, a rare breed of Indian Zebu is among the smallest animals in the globe!!! The average height of these cattle is 31-36 inches and gets its name after the name of the village Vechur in Kottayam district, Kerala, India. The Guinness book of World Record notes these cows as the World’s Smallest Cattle.

3. World’s Smallest Cat


This is Mr.Peebles, which is 5.5 cm high and 49 cm long and recorded as the World’s Smallest Cat. The cat resides in Central Illinois. It weights about 3 pounds and is 2 years old. Hold it and it’ll slip away, Where are you going to find this micro-mini animal in your house???.

2. World’s Smallest Fish


Normally you could have not noticed this little swimmer if the scientists had not brought it into focus. Having a size of 7.9 millimeter, the scientists have discovered the World’s Smallest Fish in Indonesia.

7.9 mm…!! It’s like a water- mosquito

Paedocypris Progenetica being the species name, it has a transparent (look through) body, which makes it even more unnoticeable.

1. World’s Smallest Dog


First position in our list of top 10 smallest animal is acquired by a short-coat Chihuahua named as “Danka”, who belongs to Charlton, USA. . The height of this dog  is around 4.9 inch and weight is around 1.4 pounds. This dog holds the record of “World’s smallest living dog” into the Guinness World record book (in terms of height).Don’t go on its size, Danka can hurt you really bad. Its temperament is unpredictable.

Moody this animal is!!!

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