Top 10 things to do before you die


We live in a world where life has no guarantee of time, as there is a saying in India “Kal Kisne Dekha”.

Let me give you a little example of what I am trying to convey through this article. 

Think of the time when you are in your 80s, sitting in your garden with a cup of tea in one hand and millions of thoughts running in your head. You are recapturing your past, all your memories, happy and sad, good and bad. Then a thought enters your mind, disturbs all the previous thoughts and ultimately it wins the whole of your mind. It’s a question. A question which asks your soul, is he happy? Has he done everything he wanted? Has he done every possible thing he could have done? Has he enjoyed every gift of the nature? Has he seen everything he could see?….etc. etc…

The answer would be, obviously, disappointing, because, in the race of time, we humans have forgotten to enjoy the greatest gift of God- Life. We often think of doing something for the sake of our soul, but ultimately drag it towards the (unexpected) future. And, the situation remains the same throughout our lives.
Well, we are lucky enough that we haven’t reached that stage where what we get is disappointment. We still have a lot of time to do every possible or even impossible things to do before you die. (Just give a try, at least)

Here is a list of top 10 things to do before you die

1. Watch a Meteor Shower


A meteor shower is a celestial event in which millions of meteors are observed originating from a particular point in the night sky. In simple words, it is a natural audio-visual show.

Long back, in some time BC, these meteorites were thought to be gifts of the angels to the mankind. Further, some people also believed it to be the way of God to show his anger. But with the passage of time, as science strengthened its hold on the world, all these myths got destroyed automatically.

Well, these might not be any angelic magic, but whatever these are, it’s a scene-for-lifetime kind of thing to watch them falling.

2. Swing on the edge of the globe on Ecuador


Think of a swing, hanging on a skinny branch, more than 100 feet above the ground. Thrilling, isn’t it?

Ecuador is a place that offers you to try this swing, but at your own risk. Though it is a bit dangerous, but who cares about risks when you are doing something so interesting.

3. Add a lock to the LOVE LOCK BRIDGE


Love locks are symbols of love.

Locks with the names of the beloved are affixed in the bridge and the key is thrown in the river.
This signifies their hope. Hope of an everlasting relationship. The place is indeed worth the time and effort. After all, life is all about love and affection. So in between the busiest of your days, make sure you have planned a trip to Paris’s love lock bridge.

4. Dancing in the rain


They say, ” raindrops have their own beats, their own melody, their own vast band”

Dancing in the rain is something immensely soothing like taking a nap in one’s mother’s lap. Though these are two completely contrasting thoughts, but trust me, both give the same calm feeling to the soul. Once in a lifetime loose yourself to the rhythm of rain and dance like nobody’s watching.

5. Get your childhood back


Beaches are the favorites of almost everyone, kids, adults, people in love, people loving solitude..everyone. A year ago, while being at a beach I found a little boy who was writing something in the sand, then the waves came and the name vanished. Again, he did the same and the waves took it away once again. He was repeating it over and over. No wonder he was not able to keep the mark permanent, but he was not getting tired of doing that. He was giving his nostalgic mark to the sand with the equal enthusiasm. I asked him what he was doing and he answered…” I am in a battle with the sea”.

While going back, I saw the child once again. I asked him if he had won, to which he answered ” Not this time, but I’ll surely win the next time” and his face had no signs of disappointment.
The thing I realized it that, for getting any success in our lives, we need to keep that child in ours alive. The child that has no fear of failure. The child that doesn’t give up trying.

Once in your life, go and try doing this on the beach, with the same curious and enthusiastic heart, the little kid possessed when he’s writing his name there. I bet, whatever your age may be, however formal you have become, you’ll definitely get that little innocent child in you…back to life.
You’ll get your childhood back and also the zeal to become successful in each part of your life.

6. Donate blood- save a life


What could be more a noble deed than giving life to someone. Every second someone, somewhere in the world needs blood. It’s well known that blood cannot be manufactured in factories or got merely in shops, so it is not such an easy task to get blood.

A one time donation of yours is like a little onetime installment of yours which gives happiness to a mother giving birth to a baby, satisfaction to a victim who has gone through an accident, protection to a girl who has got raped…or even life to a father going through an open heart surgery.
Bigggg profit it is…isn’t it?
Yes, it is !!!
If ever you are getting a chance, donate your blood to a needy…once in life.

7. Hug a baby tiger


Tiger is a synonym for fear. Yes, this animal is fearsome, and even dangerous. But a thing which most people don’t know is that, a tiger is more like a cat when it is a baby. ‘Harmless’ it is.

And even if it wasn’t harmless, it’s a fact that no animals harm you until you harm them. They might not be understanding your language, but who doesn’t understand the language of LOVE. Hugging a baby tiger is one of the cutest feeling in the world.

8. Float in the dead sea


We all have that one dream, to float between the ‘two blues’. The ‘dead sea’ also known as the ‘sea of salt’ is a water body which actually allows you to float, when you are not sinking even when you are not applying any sort of force to keep yourself up. The fact is that the dead sea has a density of 1.24 kg/l which makes swimming equal to floating. Before leaving the world, don’t forget to visit the dead sea once.

9. Skydive


“I want to fly” humans wished. “Granted” said the Wright brothers. But even after we got the airplanes, we were not flying, as its literal meaning suggests.Then what can give you the experience of flying?

‘Skydiving can’

Just imagine yourself floating between the clouds, with the wind balancing your body…out of all the worries, all the pressures, all the goods and bad…each and every thought.

That’s when you feel like you are actually controlling your life.
That moment…that’s life…that’s passion…that’s love.
This is yet another thing you must do before you die.

10. See for yourself that the earth is round


We know that the earth is round, but what to do to see it for real?

First, of course, is to set a sail in one direction, travel the world and stop only when you reach your home back.
Another cheaper way, although not quite so direct method is to get to the northern part of the Arctic Circle, around the summer solstice and spend a night watching the sun circle, above the horizon.

Well, here ends the bucket list.Before life gives up on you, fulfill every single dream of yours. May it be something grand or just a childish wish. Because, ‘In the end, it’s not the years that count. Its the life in your years.’

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