Top 10 Unique Elevators in the World


The world is a ‘constantly developing’ one. It keeps surprising its people with its innovation, one after another.This development is obviously the gift of technology, to the world. Technology is the sack, full of gifts for everyone.

Sometimes its some huge building, other times its some vehicles, but this we are presenting before you something really innovative. Its about Elevators. Yeah, the auto-moving stars, just checkout the list of top 10 unique elevators in the world.

10. Louvre Elevator


The museum in Paris, France has one of the most wonderful elevators in the world. With its topless design, it makes the museum one if the most worth-seeing one. The elevator is constructed in the outer of the museum and connects the way-out with its interior. Futuristic it is!!

9. Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator


The Umeda Hankyu Building, Osaka, Japan has its offices after the 15th floor, which makes it obvious that a large number of passengers would ride it at one go. Hence a total of 11.5 x 9.2 feet of total space are dedicated to the elevators, making it one of the most amazing elevators in the world.

8. Globen Skyview


Stockholm has the largest hemispherical building in the world named, Ericsson Globe. One its outer side it has large gondolas that move across the cross and towards the top, giving the riders a complete 20 minute ride in on the building. Beautiful it is!!!

7. Maritime Museum, Birdcage Elevator


Ever tried to get into a bird cage? Well, obviously, you can’t. The cages are small, right?

Let me tell you about a bird cage, which is actually made for humans. No, obviously not for trapping. It is just an Elevator. A ‘gold exterior’ one. The Victoria Museum, North America owns it. Initially it was made for the Second Chief Justice of British Columbian Supreme Court, but was not used by him. Further, it became a pathway to this beautiful museum.

6. Lloyd’s Building Elevator


The Lloyd’s Building, London, UK is the coolest building reflecting ‘space management’. The building is named inside-out for its design, which has pipelines, electric lines, elevators, everything on the exterior of the building. The 12 elevators, all glass fitted, give its riders a clear mood of ‘rising up’. Brilliantly managed!

5. Luxor Hotel Inclined Elevator


Fifth position on our list of top ten unique elevator is acquired by “Luxor Hotel Inclined Elevator”. In the land of Las Vegas, we have Luxor Hotel, with a unique architecture as of a pyramid. It is called Pyramid Hotel with the obvious reason being its shape. The elevators in this hotel are unique too, as they are inclined at 39°. Although the ride experience is properly normal, because of the leveled construction.

It’s time to look at the world in a little ‘inclined’ way!!!

4. Rising Tide Elevator


MS oasis, the largest cruise ship, is the home of The Rising Tide Elevator. One of the most unique, as it serves as a bar too. With a capacity of 35 patrons/passengers on a cruise, the elevator connects the Central Park deck with Royal promenade, of the ship. The wonderful ride in the elevator lasts for 8 minutes for an up & down go.

3. Autostadt Silos


A car garage, which involves no driving is situated in Wolfsburg, Germany, by the name, Autostadt Silos. The finished cars from the factory are taken to the underground tunnel through this awesome elevator (depth 200 feet) by conveyors. Further presented in open slots, making the elevator one of the best.

2. Falkirk Wheel


The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift, in Scotland. It connects Union Canal with Forth and Clyde Canal. It serves as a lift up to 79 feet distance for boats between the canals . It is the only known rotating boat lift using 10 hydraulic motors, for a 600 ton system. Just guess the amount of power it uses for the perfect rotation, It’s just 30.2 HP.

1. AquaDom


First position on our list of top 10 most unique elevators in the world is acquired by Aquadom. It can be exactly defined as the attraction point of Berlin’s sea life. The transparent elevator is situated in a Radisson blu hotel in Germany (Berlin-mitte).

The involved 82 ft long structure is a world’s largest cylindrical tank. This giant aquarium store 260000 gallon seawater and around 97 species of fishes. The feeding of fishes around 18 pounds is done by divers which obviously is an exotic experience for them.

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