Top 10 WWE Emotional Moments of All Time


Do you want to know which are the WWE Emotional moments that shocked the wrestling fans worldwide. Today we are compiling a list of most saddest and emotional moments ever occur in WWE. Just have a glance at this article and hope you like our small effort. Thanks

10. Edge’s Retirement


Tenth position on our list of top ten WWE emotional moments is grabbed by “Edge’s Retirement”. Edge is one of the most famous WWE Superstars of all time, who won many championship titles in his career. He is also one of the most good looking wrestlers WWE has ever produced.

He joined wrestling industry in the year 1992 and gets retired on April 11, 2011 due to serious neck injury and was also feeling numbness in his arms at that time. This moment makes his fans very sad, but Edge didn’t disappoint his fans as he is now working on movies and TV series.

9. 9/11 National Anthem


When United States of America faces a time of terror due to the terrorist attack in twin tower. After this incident WWE pays a tribute a to all those people who died in this incident. On Smackdown, All the wrestlers came out on stage and Lillia Garcia sang an emotional National Anthem.

8. Shawn Michaels End Ric Flair Career


Ric Flair retirement is one of the most dramatic retirement in WWE History. Shawn Michaels (HBK) fought against Ric Flair in WrestleMania in a retirement match. The match was one the heart-stopping match registered as in the final phase of this match, Ric Flair begged HBK to knock him out.

With all the gratitude and respect HBK said “I AM SORRY, I LOVE YOU” and gave Sweet Chin Music (His finisher) to Ric Flair and immediately hugged his fallen body and won the match.

7. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth Reunites


Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth shared a rocking chemistry in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE) but there was a time when Savage left Elizabeth for beautiful sensational Sherry. On WrestleMania 7, Sherry betrayed Savage by leaving him alone in the ring and soon Miss Elizabeth came from the crowd and support his true love. This marks one of the epic and emotional WWE moment.

6. The Undertaker Streak Ends


The Undertaker is one of the legends of WWE, whose WrestleMania winning streak (21-0) comes to an end when “The Beast” Brock Lesnar defeated him at WrestleMania 30. After watching this fight, all the Deadman fans shocked by seeing his favorite superstar loose in WrestleMania.

5. Daniel Bryan Championship Celebration


Bryan Lloyd Danielson Aka Daniel Bryan was born on May 22, 1981 in Aberdeen, Washington, United States. He is an American retired professional wrestler and currently working as Smackdown Live General Manager. On WrestleMania 30, Daniel won triple threat match against Randy Orton and Batista to win WWE World Heavyweight Championship which is a huge news for his fans.

4. Eddie and Chris Championship Celebration


On WrestleMania 20, Eddie beat Kurt Angle and retain his WWE Championship and Chris Benoit overcame Triple H and HBK to win WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

3. Connor the crusher

Connor “The Crusher” Michalek was born on November 30, 2005 and he was a WWE Fan boy later became WWE Hall of Famer. He had a brain and spine cancer since age 3 and on April 25, 2014 he died fighting against this disease.

His favorite WWE Superstar was Daniel Bryan and there was a famous social media campaign which helps him to meet his dream hero. Watch below video to know more abour Connor “The Crusher”.

2. Owen Hart’s Death


Owen Hart is one of the talented WWE Wrestler, who died tragecally due to falling off from upstairs. Everybody was shocked at that time and all those fans who are watching WWE on their televisions comes to know about this incident by Jim Ross as he professionally delivered this heartbreaking news.

1. Eddie Guerrero’s Death


On First position on our list of top 10 most emotional moments in WWE is “Eddie Guerrero’s Death”. Eddie Aka Latino Heat was one most popular WWE Superstar, who died at a very young age. He was just 38 at that time when he was found unconscious in his hotel room and his doctors declared him as dead.

This news shocked the wrestling fertaninty as Eddie was becoming the face of WWE at that time. WWE pays a tribute to his superstar and his best buddy Chris Benoit burst into tears on that day.

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