Top 10 WWE Wrestlers with Tattoo on their Body


Do you want to know about the top 10 WWE wrestlers whose body is covered by tattoos. Great, today we are compiling a list of some of the most famous WWE superstars who loved to get inked. These tattoos will somehow  resembles their character and their thoughts. Just have a glance at this article to know more about these superstars.

10. Big Show


During his visit to India, Big Show inked himself with a Tiger head having grass on its right arm and Dragon design on its left arm.

9. CM Punk


Next on our list is CM Punk, who is having many tattoos in his body like Combo of skull and snake on its chest with some flowers around them. His tattoo contains some text which says “Luck is for losers”, “No gimmicks needed”, “drug free” and Pepsi logo.

8. Lita


Lita is considered as one of the finest women wrestlers of all time. She is known in the WWE for her action packed performance, link up with Matt hardy and Edge. She had a tattoo of three eyed demon on her right arm, maybe because due to the company of the Hardy Boys.

7. Jeff Hardy


Jeff Hardy is quite famous for his energetic appearance, great performance in hardcore matches like TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs). He is having a full sleeve of root from his neck to all the way down towards his right hand. He is also having temporary tattoos on his skin, according to the events.

6. Brock Lesnar


Next on our list is the Beast Incarnate, the man from the Suplex City “Brock Lesnar”. He is having a Sword tattoo on his chest, On his back he is having a demon skull with a sword going right through it and two armless hand on each side of demon skull.

5. Batista


Fifth position on the list of Top 10 WWE wrestlers with tattoo is grabbed by “The Animal” Batista. This Hollywood Star is having many tattoos in his body like Small sun around navel, Chinese kanji design tattoo, tribal tattoo and flag tattoo on his arms. He is also having fire breathing Chinese dragon on his back

4. Randy Orton


The Viper “Randy Orton” is having Tribal design tattoo around his neck, shoulders and upper back. He is also having a full sleeve tattoo with various skulls down his arms. Randy gets his tattoo touched up once in a year in order to prevent unwanted fading of his tattoo.

3. The Undertaker


The Undertaker is having a tattoo with a variety of skull and demons on both his arms. He is also having the tattoo of a thinking demon on his right shoulder, which was done by famous tattoo artist Paul Booth.

2. Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns belong to a tribal wrestling family named Anoai family. That is why he is having an intimidating battle tattoo on his right arm. His full sleeve tattoo reflects his powerful intensity.

1. The Rock


First position on our list of top ten WWE wrestlers with tattoo on their body is acquired by one and only “The Peoples Champ” The Rock, who is having a Polynesian tribal half sleeve tattoo starting from his left chest to shoulder and arm. He got inked by famous Tahitian tattoo artist, Po’oino Yrondi.

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