Top 5 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls in the World

If you are a girl then you must be having that craze for barbie dolls in your childhood. You must have tried making your own collection of all the latest barbie dolls and their accessories of that time. Isn’t it?Why only children, many people who call themselves adult, too have a special place for toys, especially barbie dolls. “You are never too old for having a barbie doll collection”.

Let me add something even more interesting to your barbie doll collection. Checkout the list of top 5 most expensive barbie dolls in the world

5. Lorraine Schwartz ‘s Bling Barbie – $ 7500


Lorraine Schwartz is a New York based American diamond & jewelry designer. Her exclusive designs are sold through her showroom in Manhattan or Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and also, only by private commission. Her works are used to be displayed by renowned celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Hale Berry and Beyonce Knowles.

Mattle teamed up with Council of Fashion Designers in America and they came out with a collection of Barbies in tiny black dress, with sported accessory kits.The collection involved 12 barbies. It also celebrated Barbie’s signing up to twitter.

However, the main attention is this $7500 expensive doll with encrusted diamond. Although the jewelry itself worthed $25000, but it was auctioned off.

4. Barbie no 1- $ 8000


This one is first ever Barbie released in 1959, with round holes & copper tubes in her feet. It has blue eye shadow , also distinctive white irises with black outlines. The later launched Barbies feature blue irises.The eyebrows are arched. The hair colors have options- blonde or brunette. She wears swimming outfit with zebra prints. The specification of this Barbie being the first one ,is the presence of holes in bottom of her feet, the rest of the models lack the holes.

3. De Beers’ 40th anniversary Barbie – $85,000


This doll belongs to De Beers, a dominant in diamond jewelry world, along with other sectors involving mining , industrial manufacturing, hops, trading etc. Cecil Rhodes, in 1888, founded it from Rothschilds, one of the richest families in the globe. Ernest Oppenheimer, further, took company’s charge in 1927.

In 1999, on the occasion of 40th anniversary of this barbie, De Beers decided to launch a special edition doll of it. Eventually, this barbie was launched wearing an evening gown, with 160 diamonds encrusted on her belt. She can also be seen with white gold jewelry.

2. Barbie in diamond castle – $ 94,800


‘A barbie worth $94,800’

This particular doll was featured after the release of a barbie movie in 2008 titled ‘Barbie and the Diamond Castle’. The film was a video although, it was voiced by Kelly Sheridan, the lady who voiced barbie in CGI Barbie Film series.
In order to promote the film, a barbie doll of really high cost came into existence.

But the sad part here is, this barbie, in spite of being so expensive embedded with 318 real diamonds in her dress, couldn’t do any miracle in promotions, and eventually, the film went flat.

1. Barbie by Stefano Canturi- $ 63,2000


Stefano Canturi , a renowned jewelry designer, helped a barbie to compete with the launch of Barnie Basics collection, in Australia. Why is this mere doll amongst the most expensive?

The answer is, the necklace of this doll contains emerald- cut Australian Pink diamond, hand picked from Australian Argyle mine, weighing 1 carat. This rare piece is accompanied in the necklace by a few more of white diamonds, weighing 3 carats. The doll also carries a Cubism ring in her right hand.

Canturi is famous for Cubism jewelry and has applied the same to barbie, in order to produce a modern and timeless style on its own part as well as in the part of the doll. This barbie was displayed in Australian Fashion Week with a price tag of $600000. Later, as a Barbie of Stefano Canturi, it worth $63,2000.

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