Top 7 Best Cities for Nightlife in the World

Are you a party lover? Do you have that craze for night outs? Do you choose your vacation destination with prime focus at its nightlife?

If your answer is a YES, then here we have a really suitable list for you. In this era of fast moving life, everyone needs a little time for refreshment and entertainment and for all this purpose nightlife plays an important role by filling the void between your day to day life and entertainment. So, this time we compiled a list of Top 7 Best Cities for Nightlife in the World, that offers you the most amazing nightlife.

The 7 wonders for party lovers..!!

7. Amsterdam


The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam comes at the end of our list of the most popular nightlife destinations of the world. Known as the ‘alpha world city’ in the Globalization and World Cities, this commercial city is again the house to partying and clubbing lovers. With Leidseplein and Rembrantplein as the center of attraction, Amsterdam is one of the brightest at night.

6. Los Angeles


Yet another city known as ‘the entertainment capital’, Los Angeles is the castle of partying emperors. Emperors, as in, people who love enjoying nightlife. The most populous city of California and second last of New York, Los Angeles is full of party and club destinations. Glitz and Glam, Sunset, Santa Monica, visit any one of them and you can get the best nightlife partying experience of your life.

5. Berlin


The capital city of Germany and one of the most popular party destinations in the world. From clubbing in Friedrichshain to warehouse and underground parties, you find everything here. Stay in the right corners and you’ll find a line of partying clubs and bars.

4. Barcelona


Catalonia’s capital and the second largest city of Spain, this is yet another destination for party and night club lovers. There isn’t any ‘early night’ in Barcelona. Line of restaurants, clubs, bars, etc. surrounds the city. Gothic Quarter is one such place where you can jump into your own life of parties and clubbing.

3. London


London, the capital city of England, the largest and the most vibrant. Go to London and throw yourself into parties. That’s life. Isn’t it?It is the city of Soho and West End, the bright lights, the fancy bars and attractive cocktail collections. It is the third most known place for party lovers.

2. Las Vegas


This city of resorting, shopping, dining and especially partying is the second most popular city in the part of the nightlife. No doubt, it is the ‘Entertainment Capital’ of the world.  It’s an empire, empire of entertainment. It is the one of the most celebrated cities in the US Nevada. If you want to have that really awesome nightlife, do visit Las Vegas.

1. New York City


First position on our list of top 7 best Cities for nightlife in the world is acquired by  “New York”. NY is an obvious opinion in the part of nightlife, for it has the best party houses, clubs, pubs, bars, and much more to suit your interests. The heart of New York metropolitan and the most famous city in the United States, this little place ‘Never Sleeps’.

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