Top 7 Most Controversial Bollywood Celebrities

The Bollywood industry is a globe in itself. It has its own emotions, its own family, its own group of friends, its own relationships, its own friendships, its own complications, and, its own controversies. When you get fame, what you wear, what you talk, what you think, everything becomes a public matter. If you are a celebrity, think twice before taking every step, for you are going to be judged for everything, you are bound to attach controversies with your name.

May it be for fame or may it be something random and unacceptable on the celebrity’s part, controversies are something that never leave the lives of the celebrities. Just have a glance at the list of top seven most controversial Bollywood celebrities.

7. Kabir Bedi


At 7th position we have this star, who has got his success span three continents, has got himself stuck between controversies, here, in India. His affair with Parveem Babi, in the presence of the legal life partner, the suicide of Siddharth (his son) and then the spat with Pooja Bedi, his daughter has got hold of his filmy career and pushed him into answerable conditions.

6. Raj Kapoor


Breaking of marriages was not acceptable before-days. Raj Kapoor involvement with Nargis and then their separation put them both into controversies. Raj Kapoor being the “SHOWman” got the larger share in this. He was alleged to be involved with South Indian actresses like Padmini and Vyjayanthimala. Till then, this man has got success and controversies walking hand in hand, in his life.

5. Zeenat Aman


Remembered for her seductive appearance on screen, this lady shows herself strong before the world. But the reality that her heart and the society now keep hidden, is that, she was beaten by Sanjay Khan in public for her statement about their secret marriage.

This accident took away the vision of one of her eyes. She was even tortured, by her husband. With all this trauma, Zeenat left the screen and still manages to loosen the grip of controversies.

4. Shiney Ahuja


This gangster in reel life has proved himself a brutal villain in his real life. He had been accused of raping his 20 year old house maid, which, at first was denied by Shiney and his wife, both, but afterwards was accepted by him. Even after that, Shiney was found the culprit for physically harassing his co-star, Sayali Bhagat. No wonder this guy suits well as a villain on screen.

3. Sanjay Dutt


This celeb has got controversies follow him throughout his film industry life. Beginning from his jail sentence for possessing weapons illegally, even to story of his personal life, his 3 marriages, everything about him has been a controversy. Anyway, it’s a good news for his fans, that their Sanju Baba is out of the prison.

2. Rekha


Ever since the very first shoot of her, with the bold scene with Biswajit, Rekha’s career has gotten hold of controversies. Her relationship with Amitabh Bachchan and her continuous efforts to get involved in his family is known to all.

On the part of her career, she is one of the most celebrated actresses in the Indian film industry, but along with this, she is also one of the most controversial.

1. Salman Khan


First position on our list of top 7 most controversial Bollywood celebrities is acquired by Salmaan Khan aka ‘Sallu Bhai’, as he is named by his lovers, is one of the most popular stars in the Indian cinema world. But what becomes more central here is the huge heap of controversies that this celeb holds. From the case of drink and drive and hit and run, to the killing of the endangered Chinkara, what not does Salman has stuck to his fame.

Salman is also doubted of being cruel to his girlfriends. Not only this, he is also known for having cold relations with many actors, including Shahrukh Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Aamir Khan, etc. With all this, Salman becomes the king of the Bollywood controversial world.

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