Top 10 WWE Wrestlers who are Going to Retire Soon


Do you want to know which WWE Superstars is going to leave this industry soon. In this article, we are compiling a list of top 10 WWE Superstars who are going to take retirement on this year or probably next year. So, just sit back and have a glance at this article to know more about this news.

10. Cesaro


Claudio Castagnoli Aka Cesaro was born on December 27, 1980 in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is a Swiss professional wrestler, who is currently working with Raw Brand. He is one time WWE United States Champion and one time WWE Tag Team Champion. He is having very up and down career in the WWE and he is still struggling to become the face of the WWE

9. Summer Rae


Danielle Moinet was born on November 28, 1983 in Manhasset, New York, United States. She is a professional wrestler, actress, model and former football player. She is currently working with WWE RAW brand and she also worked in “Total Divas” a reality show produced by WWE.

8. Rhyno


Rhyno recently won a Michigan Republican Primary Election for State House Representative and we seriously doubt that he can manage both politics and wrestling effectively. He could wrestle as a part-timer in the WWE and helps in a good publicity.

7. Sheamus


Sheamus is a multiple time WWE Champion but he is not loved by many WWE fans as they think that he is not a good wrestler and good promo speaker. As the days passing by, he starts getting roles in a Hollywood movie. He recently worked in Teenage Ninja Turtles and there is a rumor that he is soon going to leave this company and starting a full time movie career.

6. Mark Henry


For years and years there has been a rumor of Mark Henry’s retirement. You can barely see him in Tv and he also lost many crucial matches from the last 3 years. He may leave this company in 2017.

5. Goldustgoldust

Dustin Runnels Aka Goldust is still working with World Wrestling Entertainment at his 47 years of age. He joined WWF/WWE in 1995 and is currently signed with the WWE RAW brand.

Throughout his career in WWE and WCW, he has won total 20 championships which include 2 times United States Heavyweight Championship, 6 times World Tag Team Championship, 9 times Hardcore Championship, 3 times Intercontinental Championship. He is the iconic figure in the wrestling industry and will be always missed by his fans

4. Big Show



Big Show is one of the most important asset of WWE as he has put his blood and sweat for this company. He joined WCW in 1995 and then later he moved to WWF/WWE in 1999. Throughout his career, he won around 7 WWE Championship and 11 times World Tag Team Championship. He also held some Hardcore Championship, Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship.

He once announced in an interview that he is going to be retired on 2017 and when this time does come then surely this massive giant will be missed.

3. Chris Jericho


Through many years of wrestling and many years of different gimmicks, Chris Jericho has always adapted his role in the WWE in order to stay relevant to the company. He first came to WCW in the year 1996 and then moved to WWF/WWE in 1999. Throughout his career, he won an impressive 31 championships. He is currently working with RAW brand and looks energetic as he was in 1999.

2. Kane


Kane has worked with this company since 1995, at his 47 years of age is planning to retire soon from in ring appearance and take control over the backstage work of this company.

He won total 18 championships throughout his career, which includes 3 times World Championship, 12 time World Tag Team Championship, 2 times WWE Intercontinental Championship and 2010 Money in the Bank Tournament.

1. The Undertaker


He is the most iconic figure in the WWE History, the immortal Undertaker. He joined this company in 1990 and won many championships during his career ,including 8 times WWE World Championship. He is most notable for his Wrestlemania streak of straight 21 wins. Nowadays he only appeared on Pay Per View events like Wrestlemania, etc.

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